Corona Vaccine Registration: How to register for Corona Vaccine (COVID Vaccine) from March 1? Learn every way

How to register for COVID vaccine

Learn How to register for COVID vaccine?

Registration Process for Covid Vaccination Starting from March 1: Corona vaccination campaign is being started for the general public from 1 March. There are three ways in which you can register yourself for vaccine.

Highlights for register  Corona Vaccine:

  • Corona vaccination next phase begins from March 1
  • Now people above 60 years of age will get vaccine
  • Vaccine even for those over 45 years of age with co-morbidities
  • Three ways to register, 12 types of identity cards are valid
Covid vaccination for the general public across the country will begin from 1 March. Healthcare workers and frontline workers have been covered. Now it is the turn of people over 60 years of age. Apart from this, people above 45 years of age who already have a disease and are at high risk of Covid will also start getting vaccinated from March 1. This time the vaccination will include government health centers as well as private hospitals. That is, you will have the option to get vaccinated at the center of your choice. How to register for covid vaccine? Tells you the answer to every question about this.

How to register for Corona Vaccine?

There are three methods of registration. You can get self-registration done in advance. Apart from this, there is also an option to register on-the-spot. In the third option, the government itself will contact you for the vaccine. Let us tell you in detail about all the three methods.

Advanced Self-Registration: If you are eligible for vaccination, you can register yourself by downloading the Co-WIN app. Apart from this, it can also be registered at the Arogya Setu. One can also register on the Co-WIN website The method is as follows:

  • Go to the app or website.
  • Enter your mobile number An OTP will go.
  • Create your account by entering OTP.
  • Fill in the name, age, gender and upload an identity card.
  • If you are over 45 years of age and have co-morbidity then upload their certificate.
  • Choose vaccination center and date.
  • 4 appointments can be made through a mobile number.
There is also an option of phone registration for senior citizens (aged 60+). For this, you have to dial the call center number 1507.

On-site registration: If you cannot get a self-register then you can go to the nearest Covid vaccination center. You can register yourself there. Do not forget to carry a valid identity card and a certificate of co-morbidity (if applicable).

Facilitated Registration: This method is for the Governments of the State and Union Territories. The vaccination date will be set for the target groups. Health officials will try on their behalf to bring all the target groups to the center. For this, ASHA, ANM, Panchayati Raj and women's self-help groups will be used.

What documents are required for vaccine?

You get registered in any mode, you have to show the identity card before vaccination. The government has approved 12 types of identity cards for vaccination. These are:

  • Aadhar card
  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • driving license
  • PAN card
  • Health insurance smart card
  • Pension document
  • Bank / post office passbook
  • MNREGA job card
  • MP / MLA / MLC ID Card
  • Service ID Card of Government employees
  • Smart Card issued under National Population Register