You must have heard about the word RIP and have seen people commenting 'rip' on social media. But you know, what does RIP mean or what is the full form of RIP? There are many words that are written in short form. In the same way Rip also means. But many people do not know. So through this article, we are telling you about the meaning of Rip, so that you too can know the full form of Rip.

What is the Full Form of RIP

Actually, RIP is written when a person is killed. But you know, what does RIP mean or what is the full form of RIP? You must have seen this word written on a grave. Perhaps you too have used this word, but you do not know the what is the full form of Rip?

We use many words in their short form every day, like GM for saying good morning or GN for speaking good night. In the same way, when a person dies, RIP is written on his grave, people on social media also use RIP in comments.

Many people, while looking at other people, use this word, but they do not know its full meaning. So we thought that those people should be told RIP Meaning properly.

What is the Full Form of RIP ?

RIP stands for 'Rest in Peace'. The word is derived from the Latin word requiescat peace.

Many people also understand the meaning of Rip if possible, but let them know that this is not its true meaning. The correct full form of rip is "rest in peace".

The word RIP is spoken and written to bring peace to the soul of a dead person. By uttering this word, any person prays to bring peace to the soul of a dead person from God.

Mostly, the term rip is used in Christianity. You may have also seen RIP written on the Christian tomb. In Christianity, when a person dies, it is buried and rip is written on his grave.

It is not used in Muslim, Sikh and Hinduism.

Rip word is becoming very popular on social media nowadays. People use this word after seeing each other, but when someone asks them its full form, they have to be embarrassed.

But after reading this article, you must have easily understood what Rip means and why it is used? After all, what is the meaning of Rip related to death, etc.

There was a time when rest in peace was written and spoken on the death of a person. But the youth of today love to use everything in short, so they have also changed this rest in peace into short R.I.P.

If you have ever used this word, then you should know that RIP means 'rest in peace'. It is a term used to express respect to someone who has died.

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So friends, in this article we told you about RIP. In which RIP full form, What is the full form of RIP, Rip meaning, Rip meaning, what does Rip mean, why is it used, Rip is used in which religion? etc.

We hope that after reading this article you will come to know the meaning of Rip. Apart from this, if you still have any questions or suggestions related to this, then you can tell us in the comments.

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