Deep Web Site: What is Deep Web: Secret of Internet | Definition & Used

www ie World Wide Web has three parts: Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web. I am going to tell here today what is Deep Web? Because everyone knows about Surface Web and Dark Web is illegal. If you want to know about internet secret and you want to know what is dark net? And what kind of information is available here and how you can access it.

Daily Billion’s Keyword (Weather, Hotels, Make Money, Software tricks etc.) are searched on the Internet. Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. but there are some such Web Content, Website, Database.

Which can not be done with Direct Search from Search Engine. Now these are the contents which we cannot search, we know about this from Detail.

Today, we have such secrets of the internet, about which what is the dark web internet?

What is www?

All the websites available on the Internet are part of www ie World Wide Web. Here, from a small blog to a large website all come inside www. Looking at its use, it has been divided into 3 parts.

  • Surface Web

  • Deep/Hidden Web

  • Dark Web

Everything that can be searched through Search Engine comes within the Content Surface Web. is also an example of a surface. The Dark Web cannot be accessed from a normal browser such as Chrome, Firefox.

This requires a Tor Browser. Illegal works like Murder, Smuggling, Drug dealing only on the Dark Web, so it is Illegal to open it and if someone accidentally opens it then they can be jailed. It is a very interesting technology, it is not illegal but you cannot search it either. Why is this so now? Read it in detail to know about it.

What is Deep Web?

Deep / Hidden / Invisible web is a part of www that is not indexed in any search engine. All its contents are hidden in HTML Forms. Like Web Mail, it is the most common example of Deep Web.

Because almost all Internet users will have Gmail Id? And he must have come to Mail, has it ever happened that you have searched on your Internet and someone's mail has come to you in search?

Never anyone's mail comes in search and there are many general examples of Deep Web that we use daily. Such as Cloud Storage (Google Drive, One Drive), Online banking info etc.

You will be surprised to know that we can only open 5% of the Internet by searching from Search Engine, 95% of the rest is Hide. Those who need a special access or special address to open.

Why is the Deep Web used?

There are some content on the Internet that are very secret and there is no need for them on Internet Search. All such content is hidden from the Internet by deep or dark web stories. Because everyone has some content that he does not want anyone else to see. What is Deep Web? Full Details.

Example- If you have an Internet Banking Account and your Account Detail starts coming in Internet search, then there will be a big problem for you. Because someone else can access your account with this.

Similarly, every person, every country has some accounts, services that they do not want to show to anyone else. Deep Technology is used to protect all such content and to hide it from Internet Search.

Pros & Cons

You all know the dark web, which many people know by the name of Dark Net or Internet. It is not for everyone, if you are an internet user, then you cannot use it. It is illegal to access Dark Net and if someone accesses it without permission, then they may have to go to jail.

Its advantage is that a user can know many secrets of the internet through it and there are many such hidden information that cannot be accessed through normal web.

Its advantage is that a user can know many secrets of the internet through it and there are many such hidden information that cannot be accessed through normal web.

You cannot access the normal browser, for this a different type of browser is needed which can access the dark net.

Friends, here is what is Deep Web? And why is it used? Deep Web is a very useful and interesting technology about which everyone should know. So far, most of Deep or Dark's websites are near Russia. Those who use all these websites for the security services and banking services of their country. Whenever a person searches and accesses Deep Web Content without anyone's permission, we call it a hacker. Friends, if there is any question about it, then you must comment below? More Detail.