Let us know about it from the details, eg, What is CCC Course in Computer, CCC full form, How to do CCC course etc.

What is CCC Course in Computer

What is CCC Course: Today we are going to tell you about the CCC Course in this article. Have you ever thought what is CCC? If you do not know about it then it is fine, we are going to give complete information about CCC Computer Course. Presently, it is very important to have basic knowledge of computers because today almost every work is done online by computers.

If seen, today is the time for technology. CCC, this is a course conducted by NIELIT Government institution. If you also want to know about CCC course like, what is CCC Course, how to do CCC Course, CCC full form, eligibility for it, syllabus, benefits and job opportunities etc. So after reading this article till the end, you will get complete information about CCC.

Today the whole phase has gone digital. Now every work is being done easily and fast through online computers. Therefore, everyone wants to learn computer, for this they also think about taking a computer course.

But they do not know which computer course to take. That is why today we are telling you about the CCC. This course is based on the computer concept.

Come, let us know about it from the details, eg, What is CCC Course, CCC full form, How to do CCC course etc.

What is CCC Course?

Let us tell you, CCC is a certificate course which is run by a government institution (National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology). This program is organized by this institution. Under this, information is provided for using computer and internet, after learning that you are prepared for the job of a computer operator on paper and the aim of the government is to make the students aware through the CCC course computer.

The CCC course is also very important for those students who want to do government jobs because it is very important to have a diploma for the job of government recruiters like Patwari, Stenographer, Clerk etc. You can also work with it. Today's era has become digital. If you too must have gone to a private or government office, then you must have seen that all the work is done through computer.

What is the full form of CCC?

  • CCC Full Form - Course On Computer Concepts

If you too are wondering what to do after 10th, then you can do this CCC computer course without wasting time. This is your CCC course certificate which states that you have done one of these courses about CCC, CCC +, ECC, ACC, BCC which help you to some extent to get a government job.

How to do CCC course?

To do this course, you have two options, online and offline, but you save less fees and time in online, whereas in offline, your 3 months and time money also takes a bit more.

Step: 1

First you can go to the official website of NIELIT and you can also do this course online there. You can apply for the online course directly and to give the exam for this course, you will have to register online.

Preparing for this course by yourself saves both your time and money and the exam is done online, where you are given a computer in a different way.

As soon as you enter the roll number on your computer, questions will appear on your computer screen. You are given a total of 100 objective questions to solve.

Step: 2

Another option is you can also do CCC course offline. Some private institutes have permission to conduct syllabus of CCC course by Nielit. Follows the order of examination.

To pass the exam in CCC, you need to get at least 50 marks, if you score more then you get a grade according to the number which is 85 marks or more, S grade, 75 marks is A grade, A grade of 65-74 marks a B grade, a grade of C- at 55-64 and a grade of D at 50-54. If less than 50 marks are obtained then no grade is obtained.

Qualification for CCC Course

If you have passed 10th, it is a good thing that you can do it only after 10th standard. No more merit is sought for this. But the candidates who want to apply for the government after 12th. The government has made the CCC course mandatory for them.

Age Limit: There is no minimum age limit to apply for the CCC exam.

CCC Course Syllabus

Now we will know which subjects are taught in the CCC course, to see the syllabus, read the points given below carefully. So let's get to know. Which is like this.

  • Introduction To Computer

  • Basic Finance Terms

  • Ms Excel

  • Ms Word

  • Ms Office Power Point

  • Computer Communication And Internet

  • Introduction To GUI Operating System

Benefits of CCC Course

Basic knowledge computer has many advantages for you, so it is very important to do a CCC course because its biggest advantage is to have knowledge of basic knowledge of computer such as using the features of Internet and Microsoft Office etc. and its One can easily learn to check history.

A computer is a device in which almost all the work done by humans has taken over.

At present, the biggest advantage of CCC is to ask for a computer diploma in a government job and a private company. If you also want to apply for any government or private job, then it is very important to do your CCC course.

CCC Course Fees

For the CCC exam, you are charged a fee of Rs 590 for taking the online exam whereas in private institution you are charged a bit more.

Let me tell you, about 2000 to 2500 rupees have to be given in a private institution by recognized Nielit. Which you can give in two to three installments also depends on you.


So friends, today we told you about the CCC course, what is CCC Course, how to do CCC Course, eligibility for it, syllabus, benefits of CCC, fees etc.

We hope that after reading this article till the end, you will have got a good information about CCC. Apart from this, if you still have any questions or suggestions related to this, then you can tell us in the comments.

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