How to prepare for Railway Examination

If you want to get admitted in the railway and want to make your life good, then you have to prepare for the railway examination. Because without preparation you cannot get a government job. For those candidates who want to clear the railway examination, we are going to tell very important tips and information for the preparation of railway exam in this article. For example, we will know in detail about how to prepare for railway exam competition, railway exam preparation tips, how to study for railway examination, etc.

Today everyone wants to get a government job, so everyone is preparing for a government job, due to which competition has increased very much in any job. Everyone is preparing for some or the other exam competition, because nowadays every candidate is applying for recruitment exam to get the job.

Therefore, there is competition in every examination everywhere, so now you cannot get any job without preparation. The question will also be in your mind, how to prepare for your exam so that you can pass with good marks and be successful in life.

Keeping this question in mind, in this article, we are telling you in detail about how to prepare for the railway exam, so that students who are looking for railway jobs can prepare well for the railway examination.

How to prepare for railway Examination 2020?

Even if you are preparing for the railway examination, you can still pass the railway exam without working hard and get a good government job in the railway. Which we are telling you below. So let's know, understand the complete details.

The posts for recruitment in Railway have been divided into 4 parts on the basis of merit.

1. Group A:

Group A Recruitment consists of Gazetted Executive Rank Officer Officers, who are employed in the highest managerial category in government organizations and are kept in these positions by promotion and their pay scale is also higher than all categories.

2. Group B:

In order to get a Group B post, candidates for these recruitment to be conducted by UPSC i.e. Public Service Commission have to pass the Civil Service Examination and are selected on the basis of promotions in Group B while Group B officers are paid from Group A officers Is a little less.

3. Group C:

The officers appointed for Group C have a limited area, they have administrative powers on the basis of duty and in this group are the posts of head clerk, operator, clerk, typing etc. But they get pay scale based on "C" group.

4. Group D:

Group D post: It is on the basis of class IV employee of the railway, in which the form of watchman, sweeper, peon, helper. Every year thousands of posts are recruited for Group C and D by Railways and lakhs of candidates apply in it. By the way, every year there are many posts for Group A and B.

How to prepare for railway exam?

If you want to apply for any post of railway examination and want to clear the exam, then we are going to tell you some tips and how to do good studies with easy procedure for railway exam. On the basis of which you can get success in preparing for the exam. So let's get to know.

Study according to railway exam syllabus

You should first get the information of railway syllabus for the preparation of railway examination, so that you get an idea of ​​what questions are asked in railway examination. According to the syllabus, you can do your preparation in the right direction.

Therefore, Syllabus is very important for any exam and for preparing for Railway competitive exam, it is only from the syllabus that you know what you have to study and the basis on which to study etc.

Study by making Time Table

After understanding the syllabus, you have to make a time table for your studies based on a target and every subject has to be read in a timely manner. Therefore, self study is necessary for any exam and make different time table for each subject so that you can understand each topic based on the topic.

Now you have to pay more attention to the topics which are less understood in you, in which you feel, then you will have to work more hard in that subject so that you can understand all the topics well.

If you study by making a time table, then you can use the time well and if you study by making a time table, then it becomes easy to get success in railway examination. Therefore it is very important for you to study in time for any examination.

Read books for railway exams

You should read every topic thoroughly so that you get to know about the questions etc. appearing in the railway examination, which also gives information about your practice and exam pattern and you will not have any problem in solving the paper. .

After syllabus pattern and time table, you can prepare well for railway exam by taking the help of any topic or subjects with a good strategy.

Read on the basis of study material and notes

For preparation of any competition examination, it is very important to have the subject matter related to it, just like this, you should keep all the books and other material related to study and competition exam for railway examination, so that you do not face any problem.

You should make notes while preparing for the exam, so that you can memorize all the topics very well and while practicing, it will be easy to write point wise to any topic which can be troublesome to understand.


So friends, in this article we told you about how to prepare for the railway examination. For example, how to prepare for railway exam, railway exam tips, how to prepare for railway Examination?

I hope that after reading this article completely, you will know how to prepare for the railway exam. Apart from this, if you have any questions or suggestions related to this, then you can tell us in the comment.

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