IRCTC Full Form - How To Book Train Tickets

How To Book Train Tickets

How To Book Train Tickets: If you have ever traveled by train, you must have heard about IRCTC, but do you know? Regarding IRCTC full form, if not then you will get information about full form of important words like IRCTC, PNR from here and also get information about a secret technique, so that for any city in a day Train Ticket Booking can be confirmed.

Still many people book tickets through agent to go to big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and for this they give commission of 100 to 500 rupees. But if you have information about the IRCTC mobile app or website, then you can book a train ticket at home and cancel anytime.

With this, if you are a student and sit in railway job exams, then it is also very important for you to know what is the IRCTC full form? What is PNR full form? And how a person can take benefits of all these, maybe you should be asked a question about this, in such a way, you should have general information about all these.

First of all, know what is IRCTC Full form?

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation - IRCTC Full Form

IRCTC Full Form

The full form of IRCTC is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation and is a part of Indian Railway which manages catering, tourism and online ticketing system. It is the world's busiest ticket booking center where at least 5,50,000 - 6,00,000 tickets are booked every day.

IRCTC has just introduced India's private train Tejas Express from 2019 which will run between Lucknow to Delhi and also has its headquarter in New Delhi. If you talk about the IRCTC app, then 10,000,000+ people have just downloaded it and about 20 to 25 lakh traffic comes to its website and that is why the site needs daily maintenance.

Now, know what is the full form of PNR?

Passenger Name Record - PNR Full Form

The full form of PNR is Passenger Name Record and after booking your ticket, you must have checked your PNR Status. Especially when your booking is waiting or in share, we definitely check PNR status and it is unique for each person or say it is unique for every ticket.

In which information about Passenger is stored and any person who has booked a ticket can get information about their booking only through PNR number.

Whenever a person booking a ticket through IRCTC app, website or offline, all the information about it is saved as data in CSR (Central Reservation System) and a number key is available to access it, Which is called PNR. And it is present on every ticket.

How to check PNR Status?

If your ticket is booked and your ticket is not confirmed, how can you check its PNR status? For this, you must have a ticket or an SMS or email from where you can get the PNR number of the booking.

There are many online applications to check PNR status from where you can check on mobile or web browser and get information about the status of your ticket. I am going to tell you about an important web application here, which you can use for free.

There is a website called here, you can check about the booked ticket status for any train, any city. You just have to open these URLs in the browser.

After opening the website, enter your PNR number in the search box and click on the Get PNR status button given below, you will get the information about the related train and booking and you will know immediately that your ticket has been confirmed or not.

How to do Instant Confirm Train Ticket Booking?

Many times there is an emergency that we have to book a train ticket in 24 hours. And in such a situation, you all know that you cannot get a ticket by going to the railway station in India, even if found, it will be waiting.

But if you know about IRCTC and you use its website or mobile application, then you do not need to go to railway station. You can booking confirm train ticket in 24 hours or same day from home.

On both the IRCTC mobile app and website, you get two more special ways ticket booking system along with Reservation booking, so that user can booking confirmed ticket within 24 hours or less.

Tatkal Ticket Booking

If you want to book a ticket for a train, then through Tatkal scheme, you can do online Tatkal ticket booking for any train, for any city and you can get reservation for any train from here.

  • Suppose you have to book a ticket on 15 March, then the Tatkal ticket counter at the originating station opens from 14 March 10:00 AM and if you are using the website or mobile IRCTC app, then for this you will need from 14 March 11:00 AM Tatkal ticket counter open.

  • Tatkal ticket price is slightly more than regular ticket price.

Premium Tatkal Ticket Booking:

Premium Tatkal is a slight upgrade and it is also like Tatkal railway ticket and in the same way it can be booked both offline and online. But its price is double of the regular ticket price and the person who is emergency can book a Premium Tatkal ticket.

Friends, here we have given information about IRCTC full form and PNR full form, along with that we have told how you can check PNR status and how to book a train ticket in 24 hours? Hope this information is helpful for you and you share this post with your friends and family and if you have a question, then you should definitely tell in the comment.