So friends, in this article today, we will know how to become a stenographer in India in government department. It is considered a very good position in the government department. Because its function is like writing / typing and officer. Therefore, if you also want to become a stenographer, then you have a very good chance to get the post of modern writing and typing in a government department. But you need to know about such as what is a stenographer, how to become a stenographer in India, what should be the qualification to become a stenographer, course for stenographer, stenographer jobs and stenographer salary, etc.

How to become a stenographer in India

Students can become a Stenographer, who like typing and writing and want to make a career in it, for them stenographer is a very good option.

Today many students want to become stenographers, and think but are not able to succeed due to lack of proper guidance and complete information.

So through this article, how do we become stenographers for candidates to become stenographers? Telling about details with.

What is a stenographer?

Let me tell you, stenography means "shorthand" short writing which is called shorthand in English, it is a method of writing and stenographer's posts are employed in the courts, government, offices, ministries, railways etc. departments.

To be a good stenographer, you need to have grammar knowledge of the language of that subject. Because only the candidates who teach typing can achieve the steno position, if you are thinking of becoming a stenographer, then you must do 100 words per minute.

How to become a stenographer in India?

In stenographer, if you have knowledge in both English and Hindi languages ​​then it is very good because the candidate shorthand speed should be at least 1 minute 80 words in English and practice of writing at least 1 minute 80 words in Hindi. Therefore it is very important to learn typing to become a stenographer in India.

If you want, you can study by taking admission in any ITI or polytechnic college to learn stenographer typing and apart from this you can take training admission to become a steno from any other institution. Apart from various ministries, institutes and government departments, stenographer recruitment has many options.

If you also want to become a government stenographer, then you have to do one year course from any institution in the country for stenographer course. Examinations are also conducted in these institutions at the rate of 100 words per speed. If you achieve stenography ie writing / typing success, then after passing in this, you can apply for the recruitment of stenographer government departments. How to become a stenographer in India

But to become a government stenographer, you need to have some qualifications, which we are going to tell you below. So let's get to know.

Eligibility Criteria for Stenographer

If you want to become a stenographer in India, then you need to have 12th pass, plus a one-year diploma certificate in stenographer from any institution is necessary.

Let me tell you, there are two grades in stenographer C and D. Therefore you can also ask for graduation degree after 12th.

Age Limit: Candidates must have a minimum age of 18 years and a maximum age of 30 years in Grade "C". Candidates should have a minimum age of 18 years and maximum age of 27 years for Grade "D" whereas OBC's There is a relaxation of 3 years for SC / ST and 5 years for SC / ST.

Stenographer Syllabus

Let us know what comes in the syllabus to become a stenographer in India, which is like this.

Common Sense Logic:

  • Analogies

  • Space visualization

  • Similarities and differences

  • Problem solving

  • Analysis

  • Judgement

  • Decision making

  • Visual memory

  • Discriminating Observation

  • Relationship concept

  • Idea and symbol

  • Verbal and figure qualification

  • Arithmetical Number Series

  • Non Verbal Series etc.

General awareness:

  • Indian history

  • Indian Geography

  • Indian Constitution

  • Indian polity

  • Indian Art Culture

  • Indian World Economics

  • Awards and honors

  • Country currency and capitals

  • Government Policies Schemes

  • National and international

  • Day event

  • Books and Authors

  • Technological science etc.

Note: Let us tell you that C and D are two different terms in the stenographer, so there can be some changes in the syllabus as well. How to become a stenographer in India ?

What to do to become a stenographer in India?

To become a stenographer in India, you have to pass 2 steps, in which you have to pass the written examination and the shorthand examination.

Written exam:

The questions asked for the written examination in the stenographer are such as 50 questions of General Intelligence and Reasoning, 50 marks, General Awareness 50 questions, 50 marks and 100 questions of English and Compression. Stenographer examination time is 2 hours and for disabled candidates 2 hours 40 minutes time is given. After passing this step one has to pass the shorthand.

Skill Examination:

How to become a stenographer in India ?

In this, the candidate who passes the written examination is called for the skill test in which the ability of typing skill is tested. Candidates have to perform the words per minute in English / Hindi for C and D stenographer grade. But the shorthand experiment differs in two phases.

  1. For Stenographer Grade "C", English is given 40 minutes and Hindi 55 minutes.

  2. For Stenographer Grade "D", English is given 50 minutes and Hindi is given 65 minutes.

How to prepare for stenographer?

  • You should solve previous year questions, so that you will get the idea of ​​the question and also know your level.

  • You should prepare with a target and read the right guidance with good people.

  • You should also study in a quiet environment at home. Which is making your mind level.

  • Look at old papers and syllabus and do some research.

  • Make points and study in groups.

Stenographer's salary

Let us tell you, there are two different posts in Stenographer. C and D are different salary for both these grades but still get a respectable salary for the post of Stenographer.

The pay grade for the post of Stenographer "D" in government departments is Rs 5200-20200. At the same time, salary is also good for the post of stenographer "C", in which the pay grade is Rs 9300-34800.


So, in this article we told you about Stenographer. For example, what is a stenographer, how to become a stenographer in India, qualifications for becoming a stenographer, what to do to become a stenographer in India, syllabus, age limit, work and preparation, as well as how much the stenographer's salary is, etc. Explained.

We hope that after reading this article, you will have got complete information about becoming a stenographer. Apart from this, if you still have any questions or suggestions related to this, then you can tell us in the comments.

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