How to become a SP officer

SP (Superintendent of Police) How to become a SP Officer: Everyone dreams of doing a government job in their life. But in today's time, getting a government job is not as easy as dreaming. Today a lot of hard work has to be done to get a government job. Many students dream of becoming Superintendent of police i.e. SP officer. If you also want to become an SP officer and get information about it with details, then after reading this article you will know in detail about how to become a SP officer.

SP is a prestigious post in the Police Department. It is known as Superintendent of Police. Police officer is known as SP in short.

Today many youngsters dream of becoming SP officers, and every year thousands of students apply for this post but are left behind due to lack of accurate and complete information.

But, in this article today, we are talking about how to become a SP officer, qualifications for it, recruitment process, what to do to become an SP officer, preparation etc. so that students can get good guidance.

What is SP officer?

An SP is deployed in every district of the country to maintain law and order and the responsibility of maintaining peace in the entire district rests with the SP of that district. It works with the help of the entire Police Department in the district.

Any type of speed-up in the district keeps control over all criminal incidents and allows the investigation related to any incident, checking the government functions taking place in the district and controlling and monitoring the cases of corruption.

All the police personnel who are below the SP officer inside the district work as per the orders of the SP. It is the responsibility of the SP officer to determine the leave or performance of all police personnel.

SP Full Form

Full Form of SP: Superintendent of Police

How to become a SP officer?

Many people dream of becoming an SP officer, but they do not know how to get the post of SP. So, we will tell you how to become a SP officer?

Actually, you cannot directly get the post of SP because for this you have to join the police department first, then you can get the post of SP officer through promotion.

To become an SP officer you have 2 options. Firstly, you can get any post in Police Department by passing UPSC IPS exam, or you can get the post of SP officer by passing exam done by PCS of every state.

If you pass the IPS exam and join the police department as an IPS officer, then you can take the post of SP by promotion in a few years.

Apart from this, you must also have some qualifications to become an SP officer, if you pass these eligibility criteria then you can apply for SP officer. Let us know what are the qualifications required to become SP? How to become a SP Officer?

Qualification to become SP officer

First of all, if you want to become Superintendent of police i.e. SP officer, then let us tell you, to become SP officer, a candidate should have a degree of graduation from any recognized university.

Physical qualification for SP

Apart from studies, you also have to fulfill many physical parameters to become an SP officer like,

1. Age limit

The age of a candidate to become an SP officer should be between 21 and 32 years. Other backward class students like OBS / SC / ST category candidates are also given some years of relaxation.

2. Height

To become SP, the height of a male candidate is required to be 165 Cm and the height of a female candidate has been set at 150 cm.

3. Chest

The chest of a male candidate to become an SP does not require an extension of 84 +5 cm and a chest extension for a female candidate is not required.

Other categories of students like SC / ST caste candidates are also given relaxation as per rules.

What to do to become an SP Officer?

To become an SP officer, first of all, you have to apply for the UPSC exam, and sit in the IPS exam. Apart from this, you can also become an SP based on the state level exam conducted by PSC, for this you have to understand its exam pattern which completes in three stages.

  1. Preliminary Examination

  2. Mains Examination

  3. Interview

Preliminary Examination

First of all, you have to pass the preliminary examination, in this exam you are asked 180 objective questions related to general study which are of 400 marks. You have 2 hours to pass this exam.

Main Exam

If you pass the preliminary examination then you can appear in the main examination. If you clear the main exam, then you are called for the final stage i.e. interview.


After passing the interview, you are selected as SP officer.

How to prepare for become a SP Officer?

If you prepare for the SP according to a goal and time-table, then you can get easy in passing the SP exam. Apart from this, here we are also giving some tips for preparing for the SP exam, which can prove to be helpful for you.

  • Solve the old question paper.

  • Pay attention to general knowledge.

  • Prepare according to the syllabus.

  • Highlight the main points.

  • Take help of internet.

  • Join coaching

  • Study according to the time-table.

  • Read more about the subject in which you are weak.

  • Give more time for subjects which are difficult.

If you prepare for SP with a goal, then you can achieve success, apart from this, focus on your physical fitness and prepare.

SP Officer Salary

In the police department, the SP officer gets respectable salary. An SP officer receives a salary of 15 to 40 thousand rupees every month, in addition to 7600 grade pay. Apart from salary, SP officer also gets many free facilities.


So, friends, through this article we told you about SP Officer. Like, what is SP Officer, how to become a SP officer, eligibility for it, recruitment process, how to prepare for the exam, etc. Also we talked to you about the salary of SP officer.

I hope, after reading this article till the end, you must have got complete information about how to become a SP Officer. Apart from this, if you still have any questions or suggestions related to this, then you can tell us in the comments.

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