If you also want to get a good government post, today we will tell you about the CDPO officer. If you are dreaming of becoming a CDPO officer, then you have to work diligently. But before that, you have to gather complete information about it. So in this article, we are telling about what is CDPO, how to become a CDPO officer, eligibility, age limit, exam pattern, salary etc. for CDPO officer. Let's know.

First of all, you know what is CDPO and what it means. Let us tell you, the CDPO is called Child Development Project Officer.

CDPO officers can become people who like to take care of children, take care of their health, seek to solve health-related problems.

Let us know in detail about CDPO officer, how to become a CDPO officer? What should be the qualifications for this, how to prepare for CDPO, etc.

What is CDPO?

The government of any state and state of the country appoints a CDPO officer who maintains a health care report for newborns and young infants, so that every state has government officials, because of the proper development of children's health in the whole country can be done.

It is the main work of CDPO Officer to develop children below 6 years and provide nutritional substances and other government facilities to pregnant women on the basis of child development project in the states of India and protect children from rural areas from being malnourished. .

According to the CDPO official state government plans to reduce infant mortality rate and tries to restrict the diseases caused in children, due to which the number of deaths in children has come down.

How to become a CDPO Officer?

If you too are thinking of becoming a CDPO Officer after graduation, then you will have a great chance. To become a CDPO, the PCS examination is conducted under the state government. If you have passed the PCS exam by the state government, then you can apply for the post of CDPO.

But before you get the post of CDPO, it is also very important to know what is the qualification for this, only then you can apply for it. So below we are going to tell you about qualification to become a CDPO. So let's know.

Qualification to become CDPO Officer

  • To become a CDPO officer, a candidate must have a bachelor's degree from any recognized university.

  • The minimum age limit for the general category candidate should be 21 years and maximum 37 years.

  • While 3 years relaxation is given for OBC and 5 years relaxation for SC / ST.

What to do to become a CDPO Officer?

You have to go through the written examinations to become a CDPO officer. If you pass these exams, then you also have to go through the interview i.e. you have to pass the three exam steps. Let me know about whom you are telling below…

  • Preliminary Examination

  • Main Exam

Preliminary Examination: You are asked 150 questions related to general knowledge in Preliminary Exam. The time for this Preliminary Exam is 2 hours. If you pass it then you are called for the next exam which is the main exam.

Main Examination: If you pass the Preliminary Examination, then you are called for the Main Examination in which you are asked questions of 100 marks, in which two questions are General Studies I-II which consists of 300-300 words whereas There are also 300 words in the optional subject, in which you are asked questions related to psychology, sociology welfare. It also has a time of 3 hours.

If you pass the written examination ie preliminary and main examination then you are called for CDPO interview. So let's know.

Interview: The candidate who clears both the written examinations is then called for interview, in which you can be asked questions related to general persuasion and CDPO if the officer is satisfied with the answers to the questions asked in the interview. So you also get success in interview.

So you are selected by the government as a CDPO officer, who gets a government job honoring once you become a CDPO officer.

CDPO Full Form

How to become a CDPO Officer

Full Form of CDPO - Child Development Project Officer

How to prepare for CDPO Officer?

We are going to tell you some tips about how to prepare for CDPO, these tips will be helpful in every situation, about which you will get important information by reading.

You should study by making time table and decide beforehand when and how much you have to study. If desired, take a break of 10 to 15 minutes every half or an hour. First study difficult subjects, if you study in time, then only you can pay equal attention to all subjects.

The paper of previous questions should also be read carefully and prepare according to the syllabus. You should pay more attention to the main points for the preparation of CDPO, so that you do not face any problem. General knowledge, current affairs, news papers etc. should be taken care of for your knowledge.

If you prepare for CDPO officer based on the information given by us, then you may be able to become a CDPO to some extent.

CDPO Officer Salary

Let me tell you, after becoming a CDPO officer you get very good salary as well as you get good respect as a CDPO officer but in every state the pay scale of CDPO officer is different, yet the salary of a CDPO officer is different You get about 9300 to 34800 rupees in this, the pay grade is different.

Along with this, many facilities are also available for the CDPO officer such as, government vehicles, residence, telephone, electricity, pension etc.


So friends, in this article we told you about CDPO, what is CDPO, how to become a CDPO Officer, eligibility to become a CDPO, what to do to become a CDPO, exam pattern, syllabus, age limit and how to prepare for a CDPO, We also learned how much the salary of a CDPO officer is.

We hope that after reading this article from beginning to end, you will have complete knowledge about how to become a CDPO. Apart from this, if you still have any questions or suggestions related to this, then you can tell us in the comments.

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