What is Speed ​​Post and How to Speed ​​Post? You must have known about the post office. Perhaps, there is a post office around your house. You will also send posts through the post office, but do you know what is Speed Post, or how to do a speed post? If not, today in this article we will tell you about what is Speed ​​Post and how to send Speed ​​Post, how to track Speed ​​Post and what are the benefits of Speed ​​Post, etc. After reading this article till the end, you will get complete information about Speed ​​Post. What is Speed ​​Post ?

What is Speed ​​Post

There was a time when the Indian Post Office used to give very slow facility, it used to take a lot of time to send a Speed post, but today the Indian Post Office is not the same. Today the Indian government has made a lot of changes in the post officer service. Our country has gradually become digital India and Indian post office has also become completely digital.

Previously there was no other government postal service available other than Indian postal service, which used to cause lot of trouble to the people but today there are many postal services available in the market which provide very good service. Seeing this, the Indian government has completely changed its post service, now you can send and receive your posts very fast with the help of speed post.

In this article, today we will tell you about this, what is Speed ​​Post and how can you do Speed ​​Post, what are its benefits etc. Let us know in detail about Speed ​​Post.

What is Speed ​​Post?

Speed ​​Post is a service of India Post that provides very fast delivery facilities. Through Speed ​​Post, you can send and receive your mail from any corner of the country very quickly. This is a very good service of India Post which you can also track.

In earlier times it used to take 5 to 7 days to reach a common but now the speed post facility does the same work in only 2 to 3 days. By using Speed ​​Post, you also get a tracking number through which you can also track your mail. This service is safe and affordable as well as easy.

Let us tell you, the post office in India was started in 1986, then today India's postal service has changed a lot. On sending a face through speed post, you are told in advance how long the delivery will take.

Not only this, the government also guarantees to deliver your mail within regular time and this responsibility is being handled well. The speed post service that has made the Indian Postal Service safe and easy has become known as a unique service.

Now you must know what is speed post? What is speed post, let's now know how to do speed post. how to Speed ​​Post?

How to post speed?

If you want to post speed but do not know how to post speed then follow the steps given here.

  • First pack your mail envelopes properly.

  • In it, please write your name, address and recipient's name, address and mobile number correctly.

  • After writing both addresses, write speed post on the envelope.

  • After that you have to submit your envelope to the post office and pay the charge which is taken according to the weight.

  • After giving the charge, you are given a receipt on which the speed post consignment number is written.

  • With which you can track your mail and if there is any problem then you can also complain with the help of this number.

How to track speed post?

  • To track the speed post, first you need to visit the website of the Indian Postman.

  • On the Indian Postal Department site, you will get the facility to track speed post.

  • On this website you will find the option of Tracking ID and Consignment Number in the right side.

  • Enter the Tracking id / Consignment number and type the Captcha code and click on the Track now button.

How to track speed post with SMS?

Apart from this, you can also track your speed post via SMS. For this, you have to type 51969 or 166 to SMS by typing Post track and Tracking number in the message box of your phone. You will be told the status of your speed post.

Just, this way you can know the status of your post. You can also check your speed post with the help of Speed ​​post app.

Benefits of Speed ​​Post

Using Speed ​​Post gives us many abstract advantages. like,

  1. You can post speed anytime, meaning speed post facility is available 24 hours.

  2. You can book the speed post before you make the payment.

  3. If you post regular speed then you are also given some discount.

  4. The biggest advantage of Speed ​​Post is that it provides Cash on delivery service.

  5. You are notified via SMS when the speed post arrives at your address.

  6. This facility is very fast, plus you can send speed posts to any corner of India.

  7. Also, Speed ​​Post saves you time.


Friends, in this article we told you about the Indian Post Service Speed ​​Post. Like, what is a speed post, how to do a speed post. Also, we also told you, what are the benefits of speed post, and how can you track your speed post, etc.

We hope that after reading this article till the end, you will have got complete information about the speed post. Apart from this, if you still want any more information about Speed ​​Post or you have any question related to it, then you can ask in the comment.

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