What is Polytechnic Course - Career, Job, Advantage, Fees, Eligibility, Admission: A polytechnic is a diploma course. This diploma completes in 3 years. The polytechnic diploma is great for students who want to pursue a career in engineering. If you do not know about Polytechnic diploma course , then in this article you will get complete information about Polytechnic diploma. Like what is Polytechnic and how to do Polytechnic diploma? Qualification to do polytechnic, followed by job, studies, etc.

What is Polytechnic Course - Career, Job, Advantage, Fees, Eligibility, Admission

By doing polytechnic courses, you can get success in the field of engineering and technology (Polytechnic). It is one of the most popular diploma courses. Polytechnic you can do after passing 10th or 12th grade. Also, whether you are in the field of your choice, be it mechanical engineering or civil engineering, you can do a polytechnic diploma in any engineering field. After doing this course, you can get a job according to your interest. After that you have more chance of getting the job early.

Today many students want to do polytechnic courses but they do not get the correct and complete information about polytechnics. Therefore, for the students who want to do polytechnic diploma course, in this article are sharing complete information about polytechnic. If you also want to know about Polytechnic then this post may prove to be important for you.

What is Polytechnic Course?

Polytechnic is a diploma course that is done after passing 10th and 12th. This course is 2 to 3 years old. You can do this diploma course in the field of your choice. To do this course you will have to take an entrance exam. It is also called CET i.e. common entrance test. You can take admission in polytechnic college by passing entrance examination with good marks. If you are not able to get good marks in the entrance examination then you will not get admission in government college.

Polytechnic Course Fees

So you have to take admission in a private polytechnic college. Private college fees (30 to 50 thousand), which will be very high, while the fees of government college will be only 10 to 15 thousand. The term polytechnic is made up of two words, Poly + Technic, poly means 'many' and technic means arts (techniques). Lots of arts. In this diploma course you are taught a lot of technic. So that you can make a career in the field you are interested in.

Now you know what Polytechnic is. Let us now know, what should be the qualification for Polytechnic i.e. who can do Polytechnic, how to do Polytechnic etc. in detail.

How to do Polytechnic Diploma Course?

To do the polytechnic diploma course, first you have to take admission in the polytechnic college. Also, this course can be done by 10th and 12th pass students only. If you want to do polytechnic after passing 10th, then you have to take the DET (Diploma entrance test) entrance exam. If you score high in this exam, then you can take admission in a polytechnic college and do this course. The duration of this course will be 3 years after 10th standard.

If you do polytechnic diploma course after 12th, then the duration of this course is 2 years. After which you have a very good option for competitive examination. But for this, you have to pass 12th class physics, chemistry, maths etc. The 12th pass student has to pass the CET (Common Entrance Test) entrance examination with good marks to take admission in polytechnic college. Only then can they get admission in any polytechnic university.

Polytechnic Course Branches

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

  • Diploma in Civil Engineering

  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering

  • Diploma in Chemical Engineering

  • Diploma in Computer Science Engineering

  • Diploma in Electronics Engineering

  • Diploma in Electronics Telecommunication

  • Diploma in Petroleum Engineering

  • Diploma in Automobile Engineering

  • Diploma in Mining Engineering

  • Diploma in Biotechnology Engineering

Subject of Polytechnic Course

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Mathematics

  • General Science

  • Hindi

  • English

  • General Knowledge

  • Biology

What to do after polytechnic? (Career Options after Polytechnic)

You also do further studies after doing a polytechnic such as B.tech, Be or if you do not want to study after the polytechnic then you can do the job. After doing the polytechnic diploma course, the student can directly see the recruitment of government job or can also apply for a private job.

How to do B.Tech after Polytechnic

After doing a polytechnic, you have two options, you can continue your studies or work. If you want to do your further studies after Polytechnic, then you can do B.Tech after Polytechnic. This course is 4 years old, but if you do B.tech after doing polytechnic after 10th, then you get 1 year leave, and you can complete B.Tech degree course in 3 years. To do B.Tech, you have to take Entrance exam for admission to B.Tech College. You get admission in the college according to the marks in the entrance examination.

Job Options after Polytechnic

After doing a polytechnic diploma course, you can apply for any government job or private job. There are many departments in the government field that give priority to polytechnic courses. You can easily get a government job after a polytechnic. You can get Junior positions and technician level jobs. Apart from this, after the polytechnic there are many government job options like Junior engineer, IT assistant, PSU jobs, Clerk, Technician etc. Also, after doing a polytechnic diploma course, there are opportunities for you in the railway department as well.

Apart from this, after doing a polytechnic you can do your own business, set up your company and become a Self Employment. You can also work in a private field after a polytechnic. Such as, Construction, Manufacturing, Electrical or Communication sectors etc. You can work in Junior Mechanical, Engineer, Junior Construction Engineer, IT Assistant, Electrical Assistant etc. in private field. After doing a polytechnic, you have career options in every field. After doing this course, you can get a good job with good salary in any field.

Advantage of Polytechnic Course

  • After doing a polytechnic, you get a technical certificate.

  • After doing this diploma course, you also get a job easily.

  • Also, after doing a polytechnic, you can apply for the post of Junior Engineering.

  • After the polytechnic, you can also apply for the government post directly.

  • Validation of this course is equivalent to intermediate examination.

  • After the polytechnic diploma, you can directly take admission in the B.Tech second year.

  • Polytechnic is a very good course for students who are interested in the field of business

At last,

In this article, we told you about the Polytechnic Diploma course. We hope that after reading this article completely, you will have got complete information about the polytechnic. Like, what is Polytechnic Course and how to do Polytechnic, what to do after a polytechnic, then career options, jobs, polytechnic courses, topics, as well as the advantages of doing polytechnics, etc.

Now you will not need to read more research on Internet and related articles about Polytechnic diploma course. If you still need any more information about the polytechnic or have any questions related to the polytechnic, then you can ask us in the comments.

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