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Online Education is the most important part of our life. We can choose a good career only on the basis of education and our future depends on our career. We can make our future bright only by getting good education. Today online education is going on. At the present time, online education is becoming very popular. Online education is a new digital way of studying so that students can study from home. So today we will know what is online education?

What is Online Education

Online education is a system of teaching or education through which students can study online using their electronic devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets etc. sitting at home through the Internet. Online education is a way through which teachers and students can connect with each other using the Internet from any corner of the world. It is an education system through which teachers can teach any student of the world from anywhere and students can also study in any part of the world.

Today, through this digital education, teachers are educating children with the help of their computers, devices like laptops. Through online education, students are studying from home. Today many schools have adopted the online way of studying as online education is proving to be very convenient for teachers and students, its operation process is also very easy due to which the popularity of online education is increasing.

Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, we were told not to move out of the house. Due to which all schools, colleges were also closed, due to which the studies were stopped. Keeping such circumstances in mind, online education system was started which is proving very important today.

Online education has made its way around the world because of its convenience and easy process of operation. In lockdown where all the sources of education are closed, online education system has made education a new world by giving it a new halt. Today, new and digital methods of education are being adopted worldwide. Today, children are able to study through online education in all countries of the world.

To get online education, all you need is a fast internet connection. Under this digital education system, teachers educate children using the Internet through video. Online education with the help of internet has been popular for years. Let me tell you, the online education system was legalized only in 1993. In today's era, this system of study is rapidly increasing in popularity.

What is online education?

The best and biggest benefit of online education is, through it people of all ages can study. Due to the current state of the world, children are not able to study in schools and colleges today, but online education has made the path of education better and easier for them than before. Through this, children are getting education at home easily.

Today, due to the closure of schools and colleges, children are unable to study. There are some children who do not have enough means to complete their studies, they are not able to go to coaching school, online education is proving useful for them and all the students.

Any student, no matter the student's status, can complete his studies with the help of online education and can get his degree by looking at the examination online. Nowadays, every kind of education is being done online, you can do any course online.

There are also many students who are unable to study abroad, they can also get education from abroad, not only in India but also from abroad. Meaning, students do not need to go abroad or anywhere to study, this will save both their time and money.

Not only this, in the online education system, no study time is fixed, you can study online by attending your classes as per your convenience, when you have time. Online education is a system that has made the teaching process very easy.

This has made the work of students as well as teachers easier. Online education is proving to be convenient for everyone.

Types of Online Education

  • Well-planned appearance
  • Encouraging self-regulated learning
  • Management of online platforms
  • Understand the importance of clinical evaluation
  • Promote collaborative learning

Importance of Online Education

Online classes are very convenient and there cannot be any more convenient medium. Through this, children can sit at home and study without going to school. You can sit and study wherever you want. This gives the children a lot of rest during the summer season so that they can use their energy well.

In today's era, facility like internet is easily available in all households. Today, online education has become more popular and popular everywhere. Online education is a medium by which teachers can connect with their students online from any corner of the country and the world. Online education requires high speed internet and laptop / computer. Today people are also connecting to read online from mobile. Online education has many advantages and is an important type of learning medium. Online education has become an integral part of students' lives today. Online education has solved the problems of the students.

In this difficult time of lockdown where all schools and colleges are closed. All classes of school and college are made possible by online education. All the students of the world are able to do their studies using online education. The importance of online education is being well understood by people today. Had there not been an online medium today, this year the studies would have been incomplete and crores of children could not read.

Online education requires high speed internet which is easy to obtain for people living in cities and metros. But internet is not available in rural areas. Online education is a unique and wonderful medium. Today people cannot go and study in many universities and many cities. Online education has made this thing easy. You can enroll online in such a university and study your favorite subject. Internet has become cheaper, so it becomes available in people's homes. Online education is a new form of modern-day education.

To provide online education, teachers do not have to travel to the destination to teach students. This saves time and money. Students and teachers can have time to read and teach at their convenience anytime. All lectures and required materials are provided through online platforms, so that the student can read comfortably at their home. Lectures of many experienced teachers from abroad can be heard and understood by students sitting at home in India or any country. Online education has another importance, you can record your online class. If you forget something, you can understand it by playing it later. Due to recording online class, students can overcome any kind of doubt. In the next class, students can ask the teacher about those unresolved doubts.

Nowadays children do not need to go far and do coaching. He is able to complete his studies through online classes. Many university students study online. Students also obtain degrees by taking online exams. Due to online education, the student is developing multifaceted. Online music, dance, yoga, sewing, embroidery, painting and a variety of activities can be easily learned.

In this difficult corona crisis of today, the student is unable to go outside for his competitive examinations. Online education has simplified this difficulty. Students are preparing for these exams online while sitting at home. Students are able to study their degree course, prepare for the exam with the help of online class. Students who are not able to go abroad to complete their incomplete studies, they are getting education from popular online education centers abroad. With online class, you can study according to your leisure time.

A self-paced system is under online education. This enables the student to progress with Goal. Such a system is not required to participate in the live session. You can access the materials you need at any time. You can read the online reading material anytime as per your convenience.

In this odd situation of lockdown and corona crisis, civil service examination and medical examinations are being done online. We have had to follow social distance for more than half a month this year in 2020 and we do not know how long we will have to follow it in future. At this time, online education has become a boon for students and educational institutions. The trend of people is moving more towards online education. People working in many places are unable to go to the education institute for their further studies. Therefore online class is not a boon for them. Children studying in the village are not able to get the facility of online education. The family living in the village does not have money to spend on computer and internet. This is the reason, students in the village are not able to get online education.

Benefits of Online Education

There are many benefits of studying online. One of its biggest advantages is that, the online education system is very convenient and its operation process is very easy and it is cheaper than offline studies. Apart from students, online study is also very beneficial for teachers.

Online education is like a self-paced book. Students can study online according to their plan and time table, there is no pressure on them to study.

A research has found that self-paced learning reduces student's inhibitions and stress and improves learning ability. Meaning, online education system enhances the quality of education. It affects children more. This allows students to practice their individual learning style.

In online education, both students and teachers can attend home-based learning sessions. Through this method of online study, students and teachers can connect with each other with the help of just a computer, laptop device and internet connection.

Online education is cheap

You can join your online class anytime from anywhere. Apart from this, your expenses are also useful in online education, they are very cheap than school education. Also, studying online also reduces your time. It is very bad for us to come to study from school, it also costs money, there are many other expenses of school.

Whereas, studying online also saves you time and no school expenses. Even, you can get your books online, which are also lower than the original books.

To study online you just have to pay for internet expenses. Online education is also safe and easy to use. We forget what the teachers used to teach us in school after a while or sometimes we are unable to concentrate. Whereas in online study, we can also record our classes and study that course later.

Online education system is a digital way of studying so very little paper paper is used in it. In online education, you are able to study with complete focus and peace.

Online education is convenient

In online classes, there is a very good synergy between the teacher and the student, while there is a lot of distraction in the schooling class, due to which you are not able to focus your full attention on the teacher. In online education system, you can choose your quiet place according to your choice and join your online classes and study comfortably, there will be no disturbing you.

When students do not understand anything during class in schooling, they hesitate to ask their question to the teacher but in online education there is very little hesitation, hesitation between teacher and students.

Since schooling costs both time and money, this leaves no time for students to do any other work. There are also many students who do not have money to study, lack of facility, online education is proving to be a boon for those who want to earn some money along with their studies.

While online studies are inexpensive, it also saves time, and in the remaining time, students whose financial condition is not right can do any job along with their studies. So nowadays online education is proving more profitable for working people. Online education systems are very convenient and affordable and it is much better than classroom education.

You can study online as per your time table. Where there is a time for school education, there is no limit to studying in online education, however much you can study. For this you will not need to go anywhere, which will save both your time and money.

Also, in classroom education we are not able to study properly due to noise and noise, but through online education, we can study with concentration and peace. Online education class is offered through video, which helps to quickly and easily understand any topic.

Online Education Advantages and Disadvantages

To impart this type of education, the teacher has to share his computer screen with his students. Through online studies, children can comfortably see or hear their teacher sitting at their home. And by answering all kinds of questions from them, you can also overcome your curiosities.

Advantages of online education

More regular contact with the teacher

As our online students get in touch with their teacher through Skype, appearin and Google Classroom. Students often contact teachers all the time with the help of their phones. Students benefit from the advancement of communication, as tuition may be more of continuous communication than just a weekly one-hour session. It has become interesting to teach online lessons through online resources such as Google Maps, Google Earth, website images and videos.

Better flexibility

Last Minto times may change with online tuition. The teacher can keep the class and postpone it whenever he wants. It does not have to travel and a lot of time is left. It has become easier to understand topics using online screen sharing. Online education is an example of excellent education.

Technology brought changes in teaching system

Most of the online tuition gives you teaching related options. Using online whiteboards, sending files, links and videos, the teacher can extend his creative learning to the students. In this, the teacher gets a lot of opportunity to teach children in different ways.

Effective education

One does not have to travel due to online tuition. This will save time. Internet accessibility has proved to be a boon for online education.

Education at any time

Lessons can be taught at any global location and at odd times online. All you need is a device such as a computer and an internet connection.

Disadvantages of online education:

Children go bad

Some children get spoiled by online tuition. Online tuition provides short-term education to children compared to offline tuition. Only one-way teacher teaches the children, in which the child is not able to do classwork for much time. The offline teacher imparts moral education to the child when this is not possible in online learning.

Good internet is essential

Online tuition requires a good network. It is difficult to conduct online education where there is no network. People do not have access to high-speed Internet, especially in rural areas. So online education is still not available there.

Lack of adequate plan for education

When the first children read with a private tutor, the child sat with books for a fixed period of time, according to a study list. This has been a tradition for many years. No such special education list has been prepared under online education. Children can be as disciplined as possible in school. Online classes are not so serious.

Not understanding students properly

Normally a teacher can understand you directly in the classroom. You can understand how much you are able to understand the subject by seeing your speech and your reaction in the class. Can read your body language and explain it to you. On the other hand, online education does not provide an opportunity to talk directly face to face. Online education is difficult for students to understand and monitor progress.

Competitive environment does not arise properly

There is no visible team of students in online education. If a student along with the rest of the students also study with him. If read together, it generates interest in studying more. We have often seen that students are more alert when they study in groups. Children work hard to prove their ability and there is a competitive environment. This environment is not found in online education.

Lack of practical education

Practical experience is considered important from the point of view of education. Online education mostly lacks practical experience. Animated videos and practice videos are used in online education. In school, teachers teach students using material objects. This practical touch evokes special interest in deep understanding studies. There is an absence of behavioral knowledge in online education.

Lack of enthusiasm

Human is a social animal and student is naturally more interested in direct tuition than online tuition. Sometimes children are not able to take enthusiasm in online tuitions. Competitions are organized in schools and colleges to encourage toppers and other students for which prizes are given to them and the enthusiasm remains. These things are lacking in online tuition.

Lack of self assessment

In schools, examinations and homework etc. are given to know the eligibility of children. By which the teacher can know where the children fell behind and how much they could know. Children can also test you well by this. There is a lack of self-assessment in online education. In online education, children read these books while students in schools are exposed to different types of books.

lack of discipline

Students in school always follow discipline and complete their class work and homework at a set time. But online education does not follow fixed discipline.


There are all kinds of aspects of online education. But it would not be wrong to say that online education in lockdown has greatly helped children, teachers and education organizations and did not stop the exchange of education. Technology has advanced so much that we can get online education from home and through internet through sitting in any corner of the world.

The best thing about online learning is that you can learn comfortably and stress-free. All you need is a passion for learning. A quick online search is required that will lead you to the right course. The importance of online education is increasing day by day. Nowadays people are doing office work sitting at home. Many times parents were unable to send their children due to the coaching institute being away. But now online education has also overcome this problem. Different types of higher education can also be obtained from online education, not just school or college education. Through online education, individuals can do various types of marketing courses like digital, affiliate marketing etc. sitting at home. Through online education, students can share their problems with the teacher at any time. For this they do not need to go to the institute.

So in this post today, we learned, what is online education and what is the benefit of online education?

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