What is B.Com Course: Full Form, Eligibility, Colleges, Benefits, Salary: Today, there is a lot of career options for educated people in every field, due to which everyone is interested in studies today. Everyone thinks that, if he can study from 10th to 12th, then one can easily earn 10 to 15 thousand rupees by doing a job. Today, education is given importance everywhere, so everyone's morale towards education is increasing and due to this, competition is increasing in every field of education, government or private jobs.

What is B.Com Course
What is B.Com Course

We told you about B.Com. Like, what is B.Com Course? How to do B.com course, eligibility for it, its fees, B.Com course college, B.Com course topics, career options in B.Com course, job opportunities, B.Com job salary etc. Now only those students can get a good government job on the basis of their studies, who have done a special degree course in any field . Today we will give you a similar course of B.Com ( Bachelor of Commerce) Are telling about, after doing that you have options to make your career in many fields. If you want to become a career in the field of accounting, then B.Com Course can improve your career. If you want to do B.Com course, then after reading this article till the end, you will get complete information about B.Com .

The B.Com course is a great option for those students who have passed their 12th in commerce. If you have also passed 12th class commerce then you can make your future bright by doing B.Com course. Because this is a course after which you have the option to make a career in many fields other than accounting. Therefore, what are the scope of career in BCom.

B.Com is a very popular course. After 12th, this degree course is the most sought after and it is also better for making a career in the field of commerce. After doing this course you can do a job in accounting. So, if you want to do a B.Com course, for this, first of all, you have to get basic knowledge about this course and also you must have some qualifications to do this course.

In this article, we are telling you about the B.Com course in detail. Like, what is B.Com Course, how to do B.Com course, how old is it, how much is the fee of B.Com course, what should be the qualification for B.Course, career options in B.Com, B.Com Job Salary etc.

What is B.Com Course?

The B.Com or Bachelor of Commerce is a bachelor's degree in commerce and related subjects. It is a 3-year course. It is one of the trending courses after 10 + 2. This course is designed to provide students with a wide range of managerial skills and understanding in Streams (eg, finance, accounting, taxation and management). In this course, students are prepared for accounting related tasks. By doing this course, you can do a job in accounting. This is a graduation degree course, after which you are called a graduate.

What is the full form of B.Com?

  • Full form of B.COM - Bachelor of Commerce

Today, B.Com course is becoming very popular among students, because everyone wants to work in the field of accounting. After doing this course, you learn how to manage such as accounting of money transactions in the bank, or doing other accounting related work. In this course you are taught about topics related to accounting.

After doing B.Com course your future gets secured because after this course you get lots of employment opportunities. After doing this course, you can work in both government or private sectors.

How to do B.Com course?

If you are willing to do an accounting related job and want to do B.Com course then you have to pass 12th class commerce subject. You are eligible to take admission in BCom course college only if you have 12th pass in commerce. Let me tell you, to take admission in B.Com College, you have to pass the entrance exam of that college.

Eligibility for B.Com Course

If you want to do B.Com course then you must have some qualifications which are as follows.

To do B.Com course pass in 12th class commerce subject with 50% marks from any recognized board.
If you want to take admission in the top B.Com course college then you have to pass the entrance exam.
If you want to get admission in any college, then you must bring cutoff marks.

Subjects of B.Com Course

  • Banking

  • Management

  • Taxation

  • Company law

  • Economics

  • Financial accounting

  • Cost accounting

  • Business organization

  • Business law

  • Income Tax

B.Com Course Fees

B.Com course fees vary depending on the college and university. B.Com course fees are different in each college. However, on an average the fees of a government college are between 15 to 30 thousand rupees and if you talk about a private college, it can be from 20 thousand to 1 lakh each year.

What to do after B.Com?

If we choose any course, then first think about what the career options are after that course. Similarly, even after doing B.Com, you have many career and job options like, you can apply for competitive exam after getting B.Com degree like, banking, SSC, railway, post office You can get government jobs by preparing for etc. You can also do higher education after taking B.Com course or you can do job directly after taking B.Com course.

After doing B.Com course, students have a lot of career options which is as follows.

  1. Master of Commerce (M.Com)

  2. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  3. Company Secretary (CS)

  4. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

  5. Chartered Accountancy (CA)

  6. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

  7. Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT)

  8. Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

  9. Certificate in Investment Banking (CIB)

  10. Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

After B.Com, you can choose your career in a course in the field of your choice and interest. After the B.Com graduation degree, these are the best courses after which you are sure to get a top level job.

Benefits of B.Com Course

There are many benefits of doing B.Com course, one is that after doing this course, you are called graduate. You get a certificate of graduation. Through which you can easily get admission in any master's degree course. In addition, B.Com has many benefits which are as follows. like,

  1. After doing B.Com course, you can work in any commercial company.

  2. After doing this course, you become an expert in accounting related work.

  3. You become a graduate after doing B.Com course.

  4. After doing this course you can do accounting related job.

  5. Students can become a corporate employee or Entrepreneur after taking B.Com course.

  6. After doing this course, you gain knowledge and understanding about the business world. Meaning, after doing B.Com course you can start your own business and make your business successful without any advisors or experts.

  7. After B.Com you have high employment opportunities. Today every person needs a commercial specialist accountant (accountant) to run their business. So after doing this course you will not have shortage of jobs.

  8. After B.Com, a student has many career options (Banking, Company Secretary, Chartered Accountancy, Economics, Cost work and Accounting etc.). Which can make their future golden.

Job options after B.Com

When you complete B.Com course, you have many job options like,

  • Accountant (Accountant)

  • Accountant Executive (Accountant Executive)

  • Auditor (Auditor)

  • Cost Accountant (Cost Accountant)

  • Economist

  • Finance Manager

  • Finance Analyst (Finance Analyst)

  • Finance Planner

  • Finance Controller

  • Finance Consultant

  • Investment Analyst (Investment Analyst)

  • Portfolio Manager (Portfolio Manager)

  • Statistician (Statistician)

  • Stock Broker

  • Tax Auditor (Tax Auditor)

  • Tax Consultant

After doing B.Com course, you can work in the following positions.

Top B.Com Colleges in India

Today there are many colleges and universities that offer B.Com course. You can choose BCom College as per your choice, however, each college has certain rules for taking admission, which you can complete and enroll for B.Com course. Let us know about some of the top B.Com colleges in India.

  1. NIMS University - Jaipur

  2. Shri Ram College of Commerce - New Delhi

  3. Chandigarh University - Chandigarh

  4. Jain University - Bangalore

  5. Hans Raj College - New Delhi

  6. Nizam College - Hyderabad

  7. BBD University - Lucknow

  8. Garden City University - Bangalore

  9. University of Rajasthan - Jaipur

  10. Jesus and Mary College - Delhi

  11. Lucknow University - Lucknow

B.Com Job Salary

You would definitely like to know how much salary you will get after taking B.Com course. Let me tell you, after doing B.Com, in a job in the field of commerce, you initially get a salary of 15 to 20 thousand. With your experience, your salary is gradually increased. If you have complete knowledge about the field of commerce, then you can earn around 30 to 50 thousand per month. Also, in accounting field you can work full time. With a B.Com job, you can earn honorable salary and improve your future.


So friends, in this article we told you about B.Com. Like, what is B.Com Course? How to do B.com course, eligibility for it, its fees, B.Com course college, B.Com course topics, career options in B.Com course, job opportunities, B.Com job salary etc.

We hope that after reading this article till the end, you will have got complete information about B.Com course. Apart from this, if you have any more information about it or you have any question related to it, then you can ask us in the comment.

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