Inspirational Story of a fearless magician: One day Chinta (anxiety) smiled and said, "You burn the dead, I burn the lives, but you burn once, but I burn everyday, you say goodbye, I hold on, you are attached to death." I am connected with life, you are the last truth, I am the first truth. Anxiety never solves a problem. If the mind is kept calm and stable even during the biggest problem, then the solution to the problem is definitely found. Today we are sharing with you the inspiring story of a fearless magician, after reading it, you will learn to face the biggest problem.

Inspirational Story of a fearless magician

Once a king organized a magnificent event in his kingdom. Artists were called from far and wide, a magician also came. The magician was such that people would be disturbed by seeing his magic. In that event, everyone was showing his skills. The magician thought that today I will show such magic that everyone will surprise me. Inspirational Story of a fearless magician.

Then did he, the king's gold crown disappear, the people were surprised but the king got angry and he sentenced the magician to death at the same time. As soon as this news came to the magician's wife, she arrived in the weeping palace.

Motivational Story of a fearless magician / Inspirational Story of a fearless magician

The magician explained to his wife, why are you weeping, yet 5 days are left, do not know what will happen in these days. The wife felt that her husband went mad at the news of the death. Eventually, the day of the death penalty also arrived. The magician started crying out loud. When the king asked the reason for crying, the magician said,

I am not afraid of death, if I die then it will not matter but there will be a huge loss, I have been teaching a horse to fly for the last 2 years, in the next one year that horse would have learned to fly but for a year Do I have even a minute left?

Hearing about the flying horse, the king thought, if I have a flying horse, what will be my pride, I will become famous all over the world, the king started to be tempted. The king immediately said to the magician, if I give you one more year.

The magician replied, then, Maharaj, I will give you that flying horse. The king said, if the horse blows you are free and if you do not fly, after one year you will be hanged.

The magician freed and happily returned home. After seeing the house, mourning was going on in his house, everyone assumed that the magician would have been given the death penalty. But everyone was surprised to see the magician in front.

The magician told the whole thing to his family, which he was happy at first but then became depressed. Because they knew that there is no such horse, and when the king comes to know about this, the magician will be sentenced to death at any time.

Magician explained to his family and said that a year is a very long time, do not know what will happen in this one year. Let the moment be lived.

Something similar happened, the king died a few months later. Now which horse and what is the death penalty. Now the magician was completely free.

Last word,

Remember, no matter how big the problem is, every problem has its solution, only we have to find it. So no matter how big a problem in life, do not panic. Never, never give up at any cost, try till the last breath.

Problems will continue in life, but worrying about those problems will do nothing, waiting for the problems to end, nothing will happen, you have to find solutions to those problems only then you can be relieved and free.

Just as the magician did not worry even after hearing the news of his death, but found a solution to such a huge problem. Similarly, if there is any such problem in your life, do not be afraid of it, but think about solving it.