Have you seen friends in your neighborhood or school-college talk about NCC or do NCC? And do you also want to do NCC like your friends? So this article will prove to be very helpful for you. Because there are many youngsters in our country who want to do NCC but sometimes they deviate from their goals due to lack of complete information. So in this article, we are providing correct and detailed information about NCC for students.

How To Join NCC

NCC is one of the largest youth organization in the world. It was started in 1948. This is an organization where you are trained on the basis of discipline and leadership.

In the information we are going to share with you today, you will be able to know what is NCC? What is the full form of NCC, how to join NCC? And what are the benefits of joining NCC? What is the history of NCC? All this information will be very special for you.

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What is the full form of NCC ?

Before you know about NCC, you must know the full form of NCC.

  • NCC Full Form - National Cadet Corps

  • Full Name of NCC - National Cadet Corps

What is NCC ?

NCC is one of the young military organization of India. Which provides basic military training to school and college students and girl students. The NCC is also known as the Youth Wing of the Armed Forces. Which is one of the largest youth organizations in the world. NCC is trained on the basis of discipline and leadership. NCC is a tri-service organization consisting of Army, Navy and Air Force.

All the young boys and girls in NCC are given rigorous training so that all these youth can join the army and serve the country in the coming future. NCC is present in almost all schools and colleges. The main objective of NCC is to motivate the students of school and college to awaken them. In addition, cadets are given some basic military training in small arms and parades.
What is the purpose of NCC?

The aim of NCC is 'unity and discipline', Unity and discipline. Motto (motto, unity and discipline) of NCC was adopted on 12 October 1980. Talking about the present, about 3 lakh school and college youth are connected to the service of the nation through this organization. Apart from this, the main objectives of NCC are -

  • It is to communicate character companionship, leadership, discipline, secularism, thrill and selfless service among the youth of the country.

  • To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth who provide leadership in every sphere of life and are always ready to serve the country.

  • To motivate and provide appropriate environment for the youth to pursue a career in the Armed Forces.

What is NCC song lyrics? (NCC Song Lyrics)

The NCC song 'Hum Sab Bhartiya Hai' is remembered by all the military students as cadets are also given this song during training. The aim is to remove the feeling of discrimination from the mind of NCC cadets and show the path of unity to all.

The author of the NCC anthem is Sudarshan Fakir, who also received a Filmfare Award for the song. Here are the lyrics of NCC song 'Hum Sab Bhartiya Hai': -

We are all Indians, we are all Indians,
our destination is one, ha ha ha one, ho ho ho one,
we are all Indians.
The land of Kashmir is the queen, Sartaj is the Himalayas, for
centuries we have raised it with our blood,
for the sake of protecting the country we will lift the shamsheer,
we will lift the shamsheer.
We are scattered stars, but Jhilmil is one,
ha ha ha is one, ho ho ho is one,
we are all Indians.
There are temples, gurudwaras here as well, and mosques here too,
Girija's gharial is somewhere of mullah somewhere, Ajana,
only one is Rama, one is Allah Tala,
one Allah is Tala.
We are colorful lamps, but the light is one,
ha ha ha is one, ho ho ho is one,
we are all Indians, we are all Indians.

NCC Flag

The NCC Flag is made up of 3 colors. The first strip of the flag is red, the middle strip of the flag is blue and the third strip is sky colored. Which refers to the Army, Air Force, Navy. Apart from this, there are two wheat earrings in the middle of the flag and in the middle of the golden color, the NCC moto reads 'unity and discipline'.

History of NCC

The NCC was built on 16 April, 1 year after India's independence. NCC was enacted under the Indian Protection Act 1917. One of the reasons behind the formation of NCC is that it was done after independence due to the acute shortage of soldiers in the army. When the Indian Border Act was passed in 1920, a campaign was launched in India to increase the attention of university students towards the army, for which university coops were made.

Apart from this, to draw these coops towards the army, Utici i.e. University Training Coops were made in which cadets paraded dressed like ordinary soldiers.

How to Join NCC ?

Any young student has his / her wish to join NCC. Any student can join it in his / her mind. Candidates must be between 13 years to 18 years of age to join NCC. NCC is trained for 2 years. The NCC training given in schools is called Junior Division. After which when you go to college in the second year, it is called Senior Division.

In such a situation, if you want to do NCC, then whenever you go to take admission for the 11th class, first of all, make sure that the school you are going to has NCC or not. If you have passed 12th standard then NCC can take admission in any degree college. Where you will get NCC training. During this period, you can train for up to 3 years.

NCC Training

NCC gives its cadets a lot of opportunities to participate in different activites. In which you are taught how to deal with many challenges. Cadets in the NCC are linked to the three armed forces of India, the Army, Navy and Air Force. If you apply to become an Army cadet, then you will be given all training related to the Army. If you want to become a cadet for Navy or Air Force, then you will get training according to these branches.

The NCC has divided the activities into several parts. Whose training is given to you during 2 or 3 years.

The NCC has divided the activities into several parts. Whose training is given to you during 2 or 3 years.

  • Camp Training

  • Institutional Training

  • Attachment Training

  • Air Wing Training

  • Naval Wing Training

  • Social service and community development activities

  • Youth exchange program

  • Para Jumping Camp

  • Career Counseling and Personal Development

  • Republic Day Camp-

  • OTA Campti for ANO

  • Remount and Veterinary Unit Training

  • Firing and archery

  • Conduct certificate exam

  • Adventure Activities - Tracking, rock climbing

Benefits of NCC

If you want to become an officer or soldier in any of these three forces, Army, Navy and Air Force, then it is very important to have a NCC certificate. If you have an NCC certificate, then you can join the Indian forces without giving entrance exam which is a very difficult time for a candidate.

For NCC cadets, there are separate seats in armed forces which you get direct. For this, all you have to do is interview and medical clearance.

  • You also get scholarship for your further studies.

  • In many colleges, NCC Certified candidate gets preference and relaxation at the time of admission.

  • NCC Certified candidate gets a lot of help in police jobs in states.

Completion of NCC training camp

There are many camps organized in NCC in which different cadets are given many training. The NCC has full responsibility for leaving the battalion back after 10 days of training from the time the cadet is taken from his battalion to the start of the camp.


Through this article, we have given you all the information related to NCC. We hope that by reading this article, all the confusions related to your NCC will be removed. Like, what is NCC, full form, history, NCC song, flag, how to join NCC, what is its purpose, what are the advantages etc.

Apart from this, if you still want any more information about NCC or you have any question related to it, you can ask us in the comment.

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