How to become a LIC agent
LIC Agent

We will told you about LIC Agent. For example, what is LIC agent and how to become a LIC agent, LIC agent salary, eligibility, document, exam, syllabus etc. 

LIC agent

LIC is India's largest and first life insurance company. People who work under this are called LIC agents. Through this article today, we are going to tell you what is LIC agent and how to become a LIC agent, what should be the qualification for it, the exam pattern, the syllabus, how much does the LIC agent salary, etc. After reading this article till the end, you will get complete information about the LIC agent.

LIC whose full name or full form is the Life insurance corporation of India. It is the largest insurance company in our country. LIC Company makes agents promote its business and make life insurance-related schemes accessible to the people.

Today LIC agent is in great demand. Life insurance work is very good and there is no limit to the salary of a LIC agent. So if you also want to become a LIC agent then you have a good opportunity to become your boss.

In this article, we are telling you about how to become a LIC agent. Let us know who is a LIC agent and how to become one?

What is LIC Agent?

Life insurance Corporation of India, popularly known as LIC. It is the largest life insurance company in India. The work that Life insurance does in the company is called LIC agent, whose job is to mediate the company's policy and customers. LIC agents inform customers about the plans of LIC Life insurance Company. Also, customers search for the company and also provide information about insurance policy to the common people.

The job of an LIC agent is to make people aware of life insurance by telling them the benefits of life insurance so that people can get life insurance and secure the future of their family. The main function of LIC agent is to bring customers to their company. The LIC agent gets the commission of the number of customers they bring.

How to become a LIC agent?

To become a LIC agent, you have to go to a LIC office near you and meet the Development Officer and apply for a LIC agent, if you are eligible then you will be taken for training.

After the training, you have to pass the LIC Agent Exam which is conducted by the Development Officer. If you pass this exam then you become a LIC agent, after that you can work under the development officer.

You can take the LIC Agent Exam only if you clear its eligibility and required document which is as follows.

Eligibility for become a LIC agent

  1. You must be an Indian citizen.

  2. You must be at least 18 years of age.

  3. You must pass 10th board class, with 50% marks.

Documents Required for become a LIC Agent

Some documents are required to apply for LIC agent. You will need these documents to apply for LIC Agent exam.

  1. Passport size photo - 6

  2. 10th or 12th board marksheet

  3. Residential certificate

  4. Voter ID

  5. Aadhar Card / Pan Card

How to apply for LIC Agent?

There are 2 ways you can apply for LIC agent exam. You can apply for LIC exam by visiting a regional officer or through the official website of LIC Life insurance Company.

LIC exam syllabus

It is important for the students who take the LIC Agent Exam to know about the LIC exam pattern or syllabus, it can prove to be important for them during the exam.

LIC exam asks questions of Hindi, English and Mathematics. Apart from this, you should also have knowledge about the rules and laws related to life insurance.

Because in LIC agent exam, questions related to the rules and laws implemented by the Indian government in Life insurance also come up.

LIC exam pattern

LIC agent exam is of 50 marks in which you will be asked 50 questions of objective type, which you will have 1 hour to solve.

LIC Agent Salary

The salary of an LIC agent depends on the life insurance, that is, the life commission an agent makes, is the same as his commission. LIC agent receives 35% commission of a life insurance. The salary of an LIC agent is not limited. However, an average agent can initially earn between 15 and 40 thousand.


How to become a LIC agent?

So, friends, in this article we told you about LIC Agent. For example, what is LIC agent and how are it created, eligibility for it, how to apply, required document, exam pattern, syllabus etc. Also, we also told you about the salary of LIC agent.

We hope that after reading this article completely, you will have got to know about LIC Agent in detail. Apart from this, if you still have any questions or suggestions related to this, then you can tell us in the comments.

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