So, friends, in this article we will told you about DM officer. Like, what is a DM, How to become a DM officer? Qualification for DM, how to prepare for the exam, exam tips etc.

What is DM Officer, DM Full Form, How to become a DM officer, Eligibility for DM Officer, DM Selection Process, DM Officer Salary.

How to become a DM
District Magistrate

DM means District Magistrate who is also known as the head of the district. How to become a DM (District Magistrate). The job of a DM officer is to protect and serve his district. In today's article, we are telling you in detail about DM officer like, what is DM, what is the job of DM officer, how to become a DM officer , qualifications for it, how to prepare, how much does the DM officer get salary? etc. If you also want to become a DM i.e. District Magistrate , after reading this article till the end, you will get full information about DM Officer.

DM is the rank of a government officer. This is a post that everyone wants to get because the rights that a DM officer gets are not given to any other government post officer. A DM officer receives good salary as well as respect everywhere in the society.

Therefore, the post of DM officer is very powerful and honorable. Many, students dream of becoming DM officers and also prepare for it but due to not getting the right information and guidance, their dream remains incomplete.

That is why how do we become DM in this article for students who want to become DM officers? Providing information with details about the student so that the student can get complete information.

What is DM Officer?

DM means District Magistrate or Collector who is also called District Officer or Head of District (Chief Officer of District). The District Magistrate or Collector is the Chief Executive of a district. He is responsible for running the administration of the district smoothly and properly. The main function of the district administration is to implement the programs with the active cooperation and support of the people of the district.

DMs are responsible for maintenance of law and order in their official district and have the power to take necessary action against any criminal incident.

A DM officer also works to implement government schemes in the district work such as law and order, products, agriculture, business etc. Also, both IAS and DM work together to improve the country district.

DM Full Form

  • District Magistrate (DM)
  • District Officer (Head of District)

How to become a DM officer?

Actually, only IAS officers become DM officers. If you want to become DM i.e. District Officer, first you have to become IAS. Therefore, to become a District Magistrate, you have to take the IAS exam.

To get the post of DM, you have to do the CSE exam which is done under UPSC. By clearing this exam, you become an IAS officer.

Once you pass the UPSC Civil Services Examination with the top rank, you will become an IAS (Indian Administrative Services) officer. After that, IAS officer becomes DM of a district after one or two promotions.

Eligibility for DM Officer

Qualification for Becoming District Magistrate:

To become a DM you have to pass graduation from any recognized university. If you are a graduate then only you can apply otherwise.

Age limit for DM: The age of the general category candidate of DM is kept from 21 to 32. Apart from this, students of OBC category get 3 years relaxation and SC / ST students get 5 years relaxation.

DM Selection Process

To get selected as a DM officer, you have to pass the CSE exam under UPSC. After passing the civil service examination you will become an IAS officer, then after one to two promotions you are made DM officer.

An IAS officer is made the District Judge i.e. DM (District Officer).

DM Exam Pattern

To become a DM, the candidate has to undergo the CSE Civil Service Examination by the Union Public Service Commission. This exam is divided into 3 phases which are as follows.

  • Preliminary Examination
  • Main exam
  • Interview

Preliminary Examination: After applying for DM exam, you have to pass the first exam of DM exam i.e. preliminary examination.

Main Exam: Only after clearing the preliminary examination, you can appear in the main examination. If you succeed in the main exam then you are called for interview.

Interview: If you pass the interview, you are selected as an IAS officer, followed by one or two promotions and then directly made DM officer.

DM Preparation Tips

To become a DM, one has to become an IAS first, so you have to prepare for the IAS exam. Here we have given some tips which will help you.

  • Get legal information. For this, read the book of law.
  • Increase General Knowledge.
  • Read newspaper, it will give you new learning.
  • Solve the previous question paper of IAS Exam, it will help you know the syllabus of the exam, and what type of questions are asked.

Work of District Magistrate

The District Officer has many tasks like maintaining law and order, checking the land, acquisition, maintenance of land records, land reforms, excise, excise income tax, recovering outstanding irrigation, distribution of agricultural credit. , Management for disasters like floods, droughts and epidemics, time management of criminal incidents, chairmanship of District Planning Center, etc.

DM Officer Salary

IAS level officers become DM officers whose salary starts from 50 per month and can be up to 1.5 lakh. This shows that, a DM officer gets a respectable salary.


So, friends, in this article we told you about DM officer. Like, what is a DM, how do DMs become officers? How to become a DM officer? Qualification for this, how to prepare for the exam, exam tips etc. Also, we also told you about the salary of a DM officer.

We hope that after reading this article completely, you will have got complete information about District Magistrate. Apart from this, if you still have any question or suggestion related to this, then you can tell us in the comment.

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