Which Things You Should Never Donate: The tradition of giving donations has been going on for centuries. It is said that, Donation is the greatest virtue. It is said that donating reduces human sin and increases good deeds, so that their God also agrees with them. Perhaps you will also donate, but do you know what are the things that should not be donated. Today, in this article, we are telling you some such things, which can be your fortune by donating. Let's know about the things that donating is not good.

Donation is a work through which we can overcome all the problems of our life. The concept of donating has been adopted in every religion. Everyone who is in his possession donates, some money and other things. Where there are some people who should not donate, there are some things that we should not donate. Donating such things can result in loss rather than profit.

If you donate these things, your family as well as you may be in trouble. You must know this, donating is a blessing, that is, Allah gives double to the giver, but there are many things which can increase your grief in your life.

Donation of these things can harm you on both the financial and physical side. Therefore, if you keep donating then it is important for you to know what things should not be donated.

Which Things You Should Never Donate?

Which Things You Should Never Donate?

Which things should not be donated, you should never donate such things, which things are considered inauspicious.

1. Steel vessel

There are many people who donate new or old utensils to the poor, they can also be steel utensils. However, donating steel utensils is considered very inauspicious.

2. Broom

According to the scriptures, one should not donate a broom, donating a broom can cause financial loss.

3. Used clothes

Some people donate their old clothes, which they have used many times, meaning their worn clothes. Donating old clothes is also considered as a big omen.

4. Spoiled and used oil

It is said that donating oil brings peace in the house. But if you donate the poorly or used oil, then you may face a lot of turbulence.

5. Stale food

Many people also donate food which is very good work, but donating stale food is considered very inauspicious. Never donate stale food to poor and forced people.
6. Sharp thing

Donating sharp things like knife, sword, scissors etc. is also considered very harmful. Donating such a thing removes happiness and peace from your home.

Apart from these, there are many other things such as iron, wood, which we should not donate. By donating these things you can destroy everything.

In the end,

Donation has been considered a tradition and duty in all religions, the glory of donation is said to be very glorious. You can donate anything according to yourself, it gives us peace and prosperity in life, but there are some things that donating is very inauspicious and harmful.

We have told you some such things in this article, by donating, instead of happiness in life, sufferings increase. So never donate such things.

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