Today I am going to tell about What is OTG Cable for Android Mobile, OTG Cable Full Form and 10 popular ways to use of OTG cable. In such a situation, if you want to use your phone as a Smart Device and want information about OTG Pen Drive Support and what is OTG, then you are absolutely right place.

What is OTG Cable for Android Mobile
What is OTG Cable for Android Mobile

By the way, OTG Cable has heard the name many times. But very few people use it. Because it is not available with the phone like Charger and Headphone. So let's see What is OTG Cable for Android Mobile? OTG Cable Full Form and Use.

What is OTG Cable?

The full form of OTG cable is "On-the-Go" cable. That is, if your Smartphone supports OTG Cable, then you can direct connect your phone to another device and use the functionality of that device.

OTG Support is available in almost all Android Smartphones of this time. If you have a Smartphone and you want to check whether your phone supports OTG Cable or not, then connect Pen Drive with the help of Cable. If Pen Drive is opened in your phone, then it means OTG supported in your phone.

10 Popular Ways to Use of OTG Cable

By the way, you can use of OTG Cable for many things. But here are the methods I have mentioned about it, it is the most common way to use all OTG. Any of these 10 popular ways of using OTG cable will be useful to you.

1. Mouse & Keyboard:

If you want to type a document in your phone or want to write a blog post, then for this you can not type easily with the Mobile Keypad, because if you have to type 100 or 500 words, then you will need a keyboard.

So if you have a USB Computer Keyboard, you can connect it to your mobile with the help of OTG Cable and type your document very easily.

Or if your phone's touch is not working and you want to use more functions with Typing in the phone, then you can connect USB Mouse via OTG Cable for this. And like Computer Mouse, you can use Mouse in Phone.

1. USB Fan:

See nowadays it is the summer season, in this case, this feature of OTG can be very helpful for you. Because now many USB Fans come in the market. In this case, you can get relief from heat by connecting USB Fan to your Phone with the help of OTG Cable.

3. Pen Drive:

This is the most basic feature of OTG, if you have a Pen Drive, and you want to copy any data from it to Mobile or any data from Mobile to Pen Drive, then you connect the pen drive from OTG cable to the phone, and transfer the data can be done very easily.

4. Card Reader:

OTG cable is the best feature in use. Because many phones are coming now, in which SD card slot is not given. In such a situation, if your old phone SD card has some private data, which you cannot open in another computer or mobile, then in this way you connect the card reader to the phone through OTG cable and transfer the data from the SD card.

5. Game Controller:

As much as good quality action & racing games are available, they do not enjoy playing with Mobile Touch Control. As much fun comes from PC Game Controller. But at the moment there is nothing that cannot be done in Android Phone. If you also want, you can connect the Game Controller to the mobile phone via OTG Cable and can enjoy the game like a PC.

6. LAN Cable:

Till now you will have connected the LAN cable to computer only, but through OTG Cable you can also connect the LAN cable to mobile and enjoy high speed Internet.

7. LED Light:

With the help of OTG, you can use USB LED Light by connecting it to the phone. Just you have to connect the LED light cable to the phone.

8. Power Bank:

All of you will know about Power Bank, it is used to charge the Phone. In this case, if you have 2 phones and one of the phones is not Charge. So you can charge another phone from one phone through OTG cable.

9. DSLR Camera:

If you have a DSLR Camera, and you want to operate it from the phone, such as Focus Setting , Brightness Setting, etc. So for this you can connect Camera to Phone through OTG Cable.

10. Hard Disk Drive:

You can also transfer data by connecting external hard disk through cable. So far, hard disk up to 500GB, 1TB and 2TB can be connected to mobile via OTG.

Friends, here I have told you about the What is OTG Cable for Android Mobile - OTG Cable Full Form and Top 10 use of OTG Cable. If you use android mobile and you want to make it even smarter, then you must use OTG Cable and use OTG Cable Tricks. Many features will look like new to you, Those you have never used before. If you have any question or suggestion about this article, then you must comment.