Hello friends, today we will know about What is BPO in Simple Meaning, Types, Jobs, Career, Full Form and its meaning? If you want to do JOB in BPO industry, then it is very important for you to know about it. Like what kind of industry is this?

What is BPO in Simple Meaning
What is BPO in Simple Meaning

What work has to be done in it and what roles are given in it, etc. If I Talking about the present, many candidates are eager to work in this industry. This field is seen as both a part time and full time job.

What is BPO in Simple Meaning?

The full form of BPO is "Business Process Outsourcing".

What is BPO in Simple Meaning: BPO means Business Process Outsourcing, which is a business practice process where an organization hires another company to complete its task. The basic business of a company, and apart from this core business, is any additional work that the company needs, but it is not a part of that company, then the company hands over its additional work to another company. This entire process is called BPO.

Let us explain this by giving you a simple example.

Let's talk about Vodafone Company, Vodafone is a Multinational Telecommunication Company. Whose core business is to provide mobile network service to its customer, so that customer can avail services like calling, SMS etc.

But it is also necessary to provide facilities to other customers such as troubleshooting any problems related to mobile networks, providing information about mobile data, how to build IT infrastructure. Hence Vodafone has hired another company for customer service.

This company is specialized in all these works, and it is their job to provide this type of service. Due to which time is saved, they do not need additional employees and they also get time to focus more on the main business of the company.

Type of BPO

According to the work, the BPO system is divided into 3 ways, and now almost all companies work in this manner.

  1. Offshore Outsourcing: Company from one country assigns its services to a company from another country or contracts with a company from another country, this process is called Offshore Outsourcing.

  2. Onshore Outsourcing: One company entrusts the task of providing its services to another company, in which both companies are from the same country. This process is called Onshore Outsourcing and Domestic Outsourcing.

  3. Nearshore Outsourcing: A company entrusts the task of providing its services to a local company in its vicinity, this process is called Nearshore Outsourcing.

Career in BPO Jobs

If you want to do a job in the field of BPO, then firstly you have to decide whether you are looking at it as a long term career or in short term. You should see it as a long term career, when you do not have any other professional degree and there is very little chance of getting work in any other field.

But if your field is different like engineering, marketing, management etc. then it would be better to see it as a short term career. Because the experience of this field will not be counted in your main area.

Many candidates work in this field due to financial constraints or for extra income and due to lack of jobs in their fields. As of now, due to coronavirus lockdown, BPO companies and their jobs have had a lot of impact, so people are facing problems in getting jobs at this time.

Benefits of BPO Companies

  • Increase Sales & Productivity: This enables BPO companies to focus on their core business areas. It helps in saving time and helps in accelerating other projects and helping its customer. Here expert people do the work efficiently, due to which productivity improves.

  • Reduce Costs: Which companies will not like to reduce their investment, BPO system does the important job of reducing business costs. BPO not only reduces the cost but also helps in increasing productivity and increasing revenue. The company gets better services at lower rates due to outsourcing, which gives them the advantage of better market position as well as competition advantage.

  • System Utilization: BPO enables maximum utilization of limited resources. Outsourcing helps to check for new labor and reclaim resources. This increases productivity and reduces business costs.

BPO Job Disadvantages

  • Communication Problems: There is often a possibility of communication problem between customers and customer care agent in BPO. As the customer says something else and the seller / employee hears something different, it increases chances of misunderstanding. Many times customers also use profanity.

  • Job Timing: There is no fixed time for work in this BPO job. Employees have to go on duty also at night time. Especially when he is on a job in an international company, there is a possibility of health problems due to changing times.

What is the difference between BPO and Call Center ?

Many people believe that the BPO and call center are the same and both have the same work process. But the truth is that the call center is a part of the BPO in a way, but these two are not completely the same and the work processes of these two are also somewhat different.

  • BPO can be done both online and offline, but the call center can only be done online.

  • Call centers only include calling and picking up calls, but BPO include mails, meetings, printing, documents, calls, etc.

  • BPO works like a system, which aims to increase the productivity of its business. So being a part of the BPO, the call center involves helping own customers and promoting the product.

  • To get a job in BPO, computer information and good English information are mandatory. But it is important to have basic computer information and communication skills in the call center. (Note: Jobs in Hindi and other languages are available in Domestic BPO and call center.)

  • BPO has different departments like IT, finance, billing etc. But there is only a calling department in the call center.

Friends, hope you have understood that What is BPO in Simple Meaning, Types, Jobs, Career, Full Form and what kind of work is done in it? We have told about all the important information here, which will help you from getting to know about the BPO to getting the job. If you still have any question, then definitely tell about it in the comment.