What is PPT Full Form: You all must have seen PPT presentation in school, college or office. But do you know Regarding PPT full form in Computer and its meaning, if yes then it is very good thing but if not then today we are going to discuss this important topic of PPT. PPT is especially used in the educational sector and in businesses and companies and is also considered very important in these areas. Today we will know about PPT Full Form in Computer and meaning i.e. what is the full form and meaning of PPT.

PPT Full Form in Computer

Know about What is the PPT Full Form in Computer

There are many mobile and computer applications that make PPT presentations, but Microsoft PPT is considered to be the most popular among them all. It is part of Microsoft office and is included in those 9 applications.

  1. Microsoft Word

  2. Microsoft Excel

  3. Microsoft PowerPoint

  4. Microsoft OneNote

  5. Microsoft Outlook

  6. Microsoft Publisher

  7. Microsoft Access

  8. Skype for Business

  9. Microsoft InfoPath

PPT is considered a popular presentation asset not only from today but from 90s, and is used everywhere from school to companies. So let's not delay it and know about it in detail.

PPT Full Form & Meaning

The full form of PPT is PowerPoint Presentation.

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Presentation This is the software of Microsoft, a well-known company. For Office and some other areas, Microsoft created a suitable suite named Ms-Office, which made the task of many areas easier.

Apart from PPT, it also includes important software like EXCEL and WORD etc. PPT is a software that is used to present a project made in office, educational field and business field etc.

In easy language, it is especially used for project presentation. In this, apart from text, we can also include pictures and videos. With this help, we can present a high level presentation.

Features of PPT

  • Slide: Slides are like the pages of our notebook. Just like when we start working on one page, the use of slide is also somewhat similar.

  • Design Template: Design Template makes our presentation beautiful. In this, templates with different types of designs are available.

  • Animation: We can make our presentation unique by using animation. We can use animation by applying various effects like text, images etc. on each of the components.

  • Picture: In this, by using the synonym of picture / image, we can use clip art in our presentation and pictures saved in computer / laptop or phone.

  • Video: We can add any video to our slide according to the presentation.

  • Shapes: We have almost all the shapes available in it. Which includes arrows, rectangle, triangle & circle, +, - etc.

  • Transition: Transition is used to make slides better and attractive. The effect that is given when going from one slide to another slide is called transition. We can give different effects to every different slides, but there is a limit to applying the same effect on a slide.

How to create PPT in Mobile

If you are an Android user, then you can easily create PPT in your mobile. For this, first you have to go to your mobile play store and download the Power Point Presentation app. This app is already given in some mobiles. Now follow the steps given below -

Step 1. Open PPT, after opening it you will have a synonym show of Sign in, Open and +New. (In some apps, instead of new, only + can be option.

Step 2. To create a new presentation, you have to click on +New.

Step 3. Now you will have different design template / theme show in addition to blank template / theme. You can choose any template / theme you like.

Step 4. The template you have chosen will appear on your screen, you can add slides according to your need by clicking on the + sign above.

Step 5. Now you have to touch on the slide, after touching, there will be some option show below, you have to click on the first synonym pencil.

Step 6. Now you will have a new slide show in front of it, in this you will see two boxes with double tap to add title and double tap to add subtitle. You can add your project title and related information by double tapping into it. If you want a completely blank slide, then you can also delete these two boxes.

Step 7. In this new slide you will find many synonyms up and down, including font, images, layout, camera and play, find, notes etc. You can use them according to your need.

Step 8. After you make your presentation, click on ⬅️ this arrow in the top corner, after clicking, you have to click on the three-line sign, go to Save As option and save your file.

Step 9. You have to go to the file manager of your mobile to see your presentation. You can see your presentation in the folder in which you have saved it.

You can make PPT from mobile, but you cannot use many features in it. For example, if you want to apply animation effect somewhere, it may not be on mobile. I had already explained how to create animated videos from PowerPoint. That too may not be on mobile.

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Friends, hope you all have understood what is the full form of PPT or What is PPT Full Form in Computer, Full Form of PPT? And what is its meaning? It is a very useful computer and mobile application. Which works everywhere from our school to business. Whether you want to make a slide of college project or business strategy, PPT software work is required everywhere.