What is JioMeet or Jio Meet Review: Now the Indian government has banned 59 mobile apps from China, in which popular video sharing app TikTok has also been banned. But there is still some rest which has a popular business video conferencing application Zoom, which belongs to Chinese-American businessman. Whose headquarter is in US, but this company has been accused of stealing data. But now India's wealthiest person Mukesh Ambani has made a way out of them and has launched JioMeet video calling and Conferencing app.

Jio Meet Review

We will get detailed information about Jio Meet Review here and know how this Zoom app can be taken out of India and how JioMeet needs people support.

What is JioMeet or Jio Meet Review

JioMeet is a video  app, using which a video call is made to one or more people simultaneously. Here video calling can be done with 100 people simultaneously.

It is not that JioMeet is the first application from which video conferencing can be done. Before that there are many applications like Zoom, Microsoft team, Google Hangout. But there is a difference between these and JioMeet, JioMeet is Indian and the rest of the app is from another country.

Now another important thing comes that we can do video call also with Whatsapp, then why this?

See if you want to make a personal video call like with your friends and family, then this app is right. But WhatsApp is not right for making video calls for business. For this, a business video conferencing app is needed and for this an app like Zoom, JioMeet is used.

Since the lockdown due to COVID 19, the demand for video conferencing application has increased worldwide and Chinese application Zoom has taken advantage of the same. Today it is used the most in the world.

Not only this, almost all IT companies in India use the Zoom App for meeting. But now the time has come to boycott this Chinese app as well and use a native video conferencing app JioMeet.

How to download JioMeet?

If you want to download it then it is available at play store. There is no need to pay any charge for this. This is 100% Free video conferencing app.

. Then you can start the meeting.

JioMeet Features:

By the way, there are not many features in any video conferencing apps. But in Jio Meet Review you will get to see some better features which are not available for free in any video conferencing apps.

  • You can have a video conferencing meeting with 100 people at once.

  • By scheduling a meeting on any date, time, you can send its link to mail, Whatsapp, message anywhere.

  • You can share your screen during a video call, and can also control the screen of someone else.

  • If you want, you can turn the video on or off according to your need.

  • If you are a host and are late for a meeting, then you can make a waiting room there. So that people can wait for you.

  • The meeting host can turn anyone's video on or off.

  • If meeting is necessary, you can also record it so that it can be used later.

  • If you want, you can create a public meeting link, so that anyone can join from that link.

Zoom Vs JioMeet

JioMeet (Jio Meet Review) has just been launched, while Zoom has made its mark in the market. In this case, each of their functions can be compared only after using it. But here I will give quick comparison. This will also give you an idea as to why you should use JioMeet.

  • Talking about Jio Meet Review, it is completely free. For this, no Signal No Group will not have to charge for any kind of video conferencing. While zoom is free as well as paid. You only get 40 minute group meetings limit here. If you have to meet for longer than this, then you have to upgrade your plan. From $14.99/mo/host to $19.99/mo/host which is Zoom's business plan.

  • Zoom has been accused of data theft just a few days ago. Even though this app is made in America, but many american companies themselves accused this app of data theft. Now it is correct that no, there is no information about it. In such a situation, if you use an Indian Video calling App, then you can avoid all these things.

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Friends, if you are using Zoom at the moment then uninstall it immediately and use this Indian Video Conferencing JioMeet App (Jio Meet Review) and it is for everyone. Whether it is business, school or any other video call meeting. Hope you have liked this and definitely share your thoughts in the comments.