In this How to become a Software Engineer after 12th,What is Software Engineering, Qualification to become a software engineer, Salary of a Software Engineer, Subjects of Software Engineering Course, Software Engineering Colleges etc.

The increasing steps of technology are rapidly pulling the youth towards the world of computer and internet. There are many students who are so interested in computers that they want to become computer engineers, and many mobile engineers, while many students also want to become software engineers. Software engineer also known as software developer. If you also want to become a software engineer, then in this article we are going to tell you what is Software Engineering and how to become a software engineer? What are the studies required for a software engineer and what should be the qualifications for this.

How to become a Software Engineer after 12th

How to become a software engineer after 12th? Before knowing this, it is important for you to know what a software engineer is, and what a software engineer does. Actually, a software engineer is a person who works for computer system software and applications development and building. He is called a software engineer.

The job of a software engineer is to create software and apps for computers, laptops, mobiles. All the applications and software in computer, mobile are made by a software engineer and if there is a problem in those software or apps then only a software engineer solves it. Therefore software engineers are also called software developers.

If you like this job i.e. computer, mobile and other electronic things, then you can make a career in this field. For this, you have to take Software Engineering course. So it is also important for you to know, what is software engineering? Let's know.

What is Software Engineering?

Software engineering, software designing, building and software app testing process, analyzing the requirements of software users is called software engineering. It is a computable approach to software development, operation and maintenance. Software engineering, an engineering in which software is made for computer systems, and many other electronic devices. People who work in the field of software engineering are related to things made of technology like computers, laptops. He is called a software engineer. Software engineering is a subject that has become the choice of 50% of the youth today.

In software engineering, you are taught about computer system, software product updated, requirements, system analysis, system design, code design, deployment etc. Most students want to pursue a career in software engineering. If you also want to become a software engineer, then you should have special knowledge about computer systems, coding and complete knowledge of computer language. You have to acquire knowledge about computers, as well as a lot of skills that are found in a software engineer. To become a software engineer, you first need to learn computer language.

How to become a Software Engineer after 12th ?

Qualification to become a software engineer:

To become a software engineer after 12th, the candidate should have passed 12th with 50% marks with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subject. After this, to get admission in Software Engineering College, you have to clear the entrance exam of that college with good marks. Only then you will get admission in any government university. Otherwise, you will have to take a software engineering course from a private college whose fees will be very high.

First of all, to become a software engineer you have to learn computer language. Also, you should also have knowledge of the language using which software is made. In the course of software engineering you are taught all these languages which are as follows.

Courses offered under Software Engineering.

  • B.Tech – Bachelor Of Technology (CS, IT)

  • B.C.A. – Bachelor Of Computer Application

  • B.Sc – Bachelor Of Science (CS)

  • Polytechnic Diploma (Computer Science)

Software Engineering Colleges

Here we have also told you about several software engineering universities. You can do this course from the college of your choice.

  • Indira Gandhi National Open University

  • Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, Delhi

  • Madras Christian College, Chennai

  • Lovely Professional University

  • Devi Ahilya University, Indore

  • Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi

  • The Oxford College of Science, Bangalore

  • Nalanda Open University

Subjects of Software Engineering Course

  • Computer Programming

  • Introduction For Computing

  • Academic Skills For Computing

  • Mathematics For Computing

  • Computer Architecture

  • Program Design

  • Networking

  • Professional Awareness

  • DBMS (Database Management System)

  • Fundamentals Of Hardware

Salary of a Software Engineer

Related Jobs and Average Salary:

  • Junior Software Engineer - 2 to 3 lakhs per year

  • Entry Level Software Engineer - 4 to 5 Lakh Per Year

  • Senior Software Engineer - 7 to 8 Lakh Per Year

  • Principal Software Engineer - May be 13 to 14 lakhs per year.


In this article, how did you become a software engineer? told about. We hope that after reading this post completely, what is Software Engineering, how to become a Software Engineer after 12th? What is its job, what studies have to be done to become a software engineer, what should be the qualification for it. Also, complete information about software engineering course, college, subject and salary of software engineer etc. would have been found.

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