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Have you seen your neighborhood or your friends talk about Home Guard Recruitment, or is there a student near you who wants to become a home guard. But do you know who is a home guard and what is the job of a home guard? You have many times assisted the traffic police at intersections, assisting the policemen of the fire department, and may have seen people in khaki uniforms and you might have understood them as police.

But in reality, they are not policemen but home guards. Today in this article, we are going to tell you who is a home guard, what is the job of a home guard. Also, we will give you complete information about the recruitment of home guards, so that you will also get to know how to become a home guards. And Home Guard recruitment process, qualification to become a Home Guard etc.

How to become a Home Guard - Duty, Salary, Job and Qualification

Home Guard This is a department created to assist the police department. The Department of Home Guards is active worldwide. The person who works in this department is called home guard. You will often consider a khaki uniform home guard as a policeman or a soldier, but it is neither police nor army. The home guard is one of us and people like you. Even you can easily become a homeguard.

Yes, any candidate between 18 to 50 years of age, students or any farmer can also be a home guard. If you are willing to do security work for the betterment of society, then you too can become a home guard. So, if you want to become a home guard and want to know about the Home Guard recruitment, read this post till the end.

What is Home Guard?

The Home Guard is an Indian paramilitary force. It is a voluntary force, acting as an assistant to the state police. The Home Guard department was created in December 1946 to assist the police in controlling civil unrest and communal riots in India. First, the Home Guard was established in the Bombay Presidency. Subsequently, the concept of this force was adopted by many states. The home guard was reorganized in 1962 after the war with China.

Home Guards are recruited from various cross sections of civil society, who give their extra time for the betterment of the community. All citizens of India in the age group of 18 to 50 are eligible for Home Guard jobs. The role of the home guard is to serve the police as a support force in the maintenance of internal security situations, helping the community in any type of emergency such as air raid, fire, cyclone, earthquake, pandemic etc.

In addition, the work of Home Guards is to help in the maintenance of essential services, promote communal harmony and assist the administration in protecting the weaker sections, participate in socio-economic and welfare activities and perform civil protection duties. This Voluntary organization was created to secure citizens in any Unqualified status. Let me tell you, the establishment day of voluntary force is also celebrated every year on December 6 all over the country.

By now you know what a home guard is and what is the work of a home guard. Even after knowing that you want to become a home guard, then obviously you want to do the job of home guard. So, let's get to know about the qualifications and the recruitment of home guards for how to become a home guard.

How to become a Home Guard?

In order to get a home guard job or certain eligibility criteria have been set to be admitted in the home guard, if you have all these qualifications then you can apply for home guard. Here below, what are the qualifications for Home Guard, what is the selection process of Home Guard recruitment, after reading it, you will get to understand everything about Home Guard.

Qualification for Home Guard

Academic eligibility

  • First, the Home Guard candidate must be an Indian citizen.

  • It is necessary to pass the tenth grade of Home Guard Candidate.

Age Limit for Home Guard

  • The age of male candidate of Home Guard should be between 20 and 47 years.

  • At the same time, the female candidate should be between 20 and 42 years old.

Height for Home Guard

  • The length of the male candidate of general category home guard should be 162 cm. While the length has been set to 152 centimeters for all other categories of candidates.

  • Let me tell you, the length of the female candidate of Home Guard should be 148 centimeters.

Male chest for Home Guard

  • The chest of the general category home guard male candidate should be 79 cm. While the chest of all other classes candidates should be 76 centimeters.

If you qualify all this requirement then you can apply for the post of Home Guard. Let us now tell you about the Home Guard syllabus and selection process. So that you can prepare well for this.

Syllabus for Home Guard

To qualify the Home Guard exam, you should know about the Home Guard recruitment syllabus. So here we have also given the syllabus of Home Guard recruitment.

  • General Hindi

  • General knowledge

  • State related questions

Questions related to General Hindi, General Knowledge and State are asked in the written examination of Home Guards. If you prepare them well, then you can easily pass the Home Guard exam.

Selection Process of Home Guard Recruitment

The selection process of Home Guard Recruitment is very easy, to get admitted in Home Guard, you have to qualify 2 types of selection process. As part of the selection process of home guard recruitment, the candidate has to pass the physical examination and written examination. These exams are conducted by the state government. If you succeed in both these stages then you are called for interview, if you pass the interview then you are selected as home guard. After this, the Home Guard candidate is sent for training.

Training of Home Guard

To provide training to the Home Guard personnel, Central Civil Defense Training Center is located in various states where Home Guard personnel are given tests. Home guard training includes individual and team training.

How to Apply for Home Guard?

You can apply for Home Guard Recruitment online, for this you can apply for Home Guard by filling the Home Guard application form by visiting the official site of the Home Guard Department.

  1. Visit the official site of the Home Guard Department.

  2. Fill the Home Guard application form.

  3. Remember, all information must be clear and correct. (If any mistake happens, your form will be rejected.)

  4. Once you have fill the complete form, once it is checked thoroughly whether you have filled all the information correctly or not.

  5. If you feel that everything is fine then click on submit button.

How to Prepare for Home Guard?

Now you know everything about Home Guards. If you want to get a home guard job then you have to prepare well for this. If you prepare properly then it will be easy for you to get a home guard job. To help you, we have given here tips for preparing home guards exam which are as follows. If you follow these tips and prepare for home guard then you can be successful.

  1. Read books related to general knowledge to increase your general knowledge.

  2. Also read newspapers daily.

  3. Pay more attention to Hindi language, read Hindi grammar.

  4. Practice numerical ability daily.

  5. Make a time table for studying and study accordingly. (Focus more on the subject you are weak in.)

Keeping these things in mind, you can prepare properly for the Home Guard. Apart from preparing for home guards, be careful about home guard recruitment. To get information about Home Guard recruitment, for this you can take help of the official site of Home Guard Department.

Home Guard Salary

This question must have been going on in your mind since when, how much is the salary of a home guard, how much home guards earn. Actually, the salary of a home guard varies from state to state. However, home guards get around 300 to 650 rupees per day. According to this, if a guess is given, a home guard can get a salary ranging from 15 to 25000. Looking at all these figures, it can be estimated that the home guard receives a salary of 2 to 2.5 lakhs per year.


In this article, we have explained to you about Home Guard. Like, what is a home guard and how to become a home guard, what should be the qualification to become a home guard, the selection process of home guard recruitment, how to apply for a home guard, how to prepare for a home guard, also, we have given you about the home guard salary I also told We hope that after reading this post till the end, you will get the correct and complete information about the Home Guard.

Apart from this, if you still need any more information about Home Guard or you have any question related to it, then you can ask us in the comment. We would be happy to help you.

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