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On hearing the name Engineer, a student gets many dreams in his mind, which is very natural. If you too want to make a career in an engineering field and want to become an engineer, in this article we will tell you, how to become an engineer? What is an engineer, what are the types of engineers and what should be the qualification to become an engineer.

How to Become an Engineer in India

In today's time, engineering has become a course where you earn a lot of fame and fame after reaching your goal. Today in every household, a child dreams of becoming an engineer. If you set foot in any field of engineering, then your future can be bright because the salary of an engineer is in millions.

Let me tell you that you can prepare for becoming an engineer only after tenth. But before that you know that, what is an engineer?

What is an Engineer?

An engineer is one who after his / her 3 years of study has the ability to invent something new inside himself. One has to study hard and diligently to become an engineer. An engineer has to earn several diplomas and degrees to become an engineer, which is considered to be of great importance in the life of an engineer.

The work that an engineer does is called engineering. Whether you want to go to any branch of engineering, you should have a lot of knowledge of science and math. An engineer earns millions of rupees from his work.

Mainly seen, whoever wants to become an engineer starts from tenth. An engineer builds several roads, pools and buildings as a profession after performing his course. An engineer also learns during his course to invent new things and to test them continuously by giving them the right shape, which is considered to be the main task of an engineer.

What are the types of engineers?

If you want to become an engineer, you must first decide what type of engineer you want to become, because there are many types of engineers and the engineer is divided in many areas among themselves. Let us know what are the types of engineers.

1. Electrical Engineer

You can understand from its name, what kind of work will be done in this field. The work here is a bit risky because the engineer here has to work on all the equipment related to electricity.

2. Mechanical Engineer

Those who have an interest in knowing about the machine do mechanical engineering. In this area you are told the smallest things about the machine as a whole and there are always machines around you.

3. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers work solely on the instructions of the government such that a road, school, hospital or bridge is constructed by a civil engineer. According to the instructions of the government, the civil engineer gives his work a shape.

4. Computer Engineer

Computer has become the need of everyone today. Therefore today the demand for computer engineer has increased a lot. A computer engineer is one who designs and develops laptops and computers including hardware.

5. Software Engineer

It is the dream of many people to become a software engineer, but let us tell you that the software engineer works to meet the needs of people by building new types of software and apps.

Apart from these, there are many engineering courses such as energy engineering, phonetics engineering, hydraulic engineering, agricultural engineering, technology engineering, ocean engineering and petroleum engineering. You can make a career in these fields of engineering.

By now, you know what an engineer says, what an engineer does and what are the types of engineers.

How to become an engineer in India?

How to become a successful engineer, what to do to become an engineer?

Choose topic

Engineering is a branch that is divided into many parts. For this, it is most important to choose the area in which you have to proceed according to your interest. Then you can start preparing for it further and achieve your goal by obtaining sufficient degree for it.

Get a degree

In 10th or 12th, get a diploma or degree in engineering as per your wish and interest. Where after 12th the student has to choose the subject of medical and non-medical. At the same time, after tenth, students should get admission in B.Tech after doing ITI or diploma in polytechnic.

Select company after degree

When you get a degree in your chosen subject, then you can choose the company associated with that field and you can get a job by interviewing that company.

Qualification for Engineer

Passing with good marks in 12th is mandatory, only then you can fulfill the dream of becoming an engineer. After that a 3-year diploma degree is required by studying engineering. Apart from this, there are many other courses like BE and B.Tech, which you can also become an engineer successfully.

Course to become an engineer

There are many courses available to become an engineer, you can do a diploma course or a bachelor's course. Through both you get a degree and you can become an engineer.

1. Diploma Engineering Course

The duration of this course is 3 years, in which you must have Science and Math subjects.

  1. Diploma in Information Science

  2. Diploma in Automobile Engineering

  3. Diploma in Computer Science

  4. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

  5. Diploma in Civil Engineering

  6. Diploma in Electrical Engineering

  7. Diploma in Electronic Instrumentation and Control Engineering

2. Bachelor Engineering Course

Only after success in 12th can you be able to do this course and your subject should be science. After doing this course, one can become an engineer in the field of engineering.

  1. Automobile engineering

  2. Biotechnology engineering

  3. Civil Engineering

  4. mechanical engineering

  5. Aerospace engineering

  6. chemical engineering

  7. computer engineering

  8. Industrial engineering

  9. Information Technology Engineering

  10. Metallurgical engineering

Top engineering colleges in India

Here we have also told you about the top engineering college in India. So that you don't have trouble finding the best institute for you.

  1. Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

  2. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

  3. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

  4. Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

  5. Indian Institute of Technology, Raipur

  6. Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

  7. Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani

  8. Delhi Technology University, Delhi

  9. Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad

  10. Indian Institute of Technology, Indore

Engineer Salary

The salary of a person in any profession depends on his job, position and experience. The same thing happens in the field of engineering. Here, different salaries are given in every region, more or less. It all depends on the rank of engineer. For example, mechanical engineer gets salary of four lakhs per year. At the same time, the salary of civil engineer is 3 to 4 lakh per year. Now talk about computer engineer, it depends on his working skills. A computer engineer can earn 30 to 40 thousand in about 1 month. The salary of software engineer is considered more than 5 to 10 lakhs per year.


In this article how did we engineer you? What is an engineer called, how many types of engineers are there and how much is the salary of an engineer, etc. We hope that after reading this post till the end, you will have got complete information about the engineer.

Apart from this, if you still need any more information about the engineer or you have any question related to it, then you can ask us in the comment.

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