Our topic today is related to views and earnings from YouTube videos. If you are a YouTube user, then this question will come in your mind, how much does YouTube pay you for 1 million views? And how much money does YouTube pay on 1 Million views? Today we are going to give you correct and accurate information about this.

You may have seen Youtubers giving their videos about their YouTube earnings. But no YoTubers tell you how much their actual earnings are. They always share their earnings with you by giving you a hint. Like, someone says that I earn so much from YouTube that I can buy an iPhone X. So someone says that I can buy an Alto 800 car with one month's earnings from my channel.

Everyone tries to tell you their earnings by giving different examples, due to this you are also motivated and a little bit confuse too. Today we are going to remove this confusion from you and will tell you, how much money does YouTube pay you for 1 Million views?

On What Basis does YouTube Pay You for 1 Million Views?

You must be aware that if you want to earn money from YouTube, then it is very important to monetize your YouTube channel for this. Which happens only when certain YouTube rules are met.

One more thing will come in your mind, does YouTube give the same amount of money to every Youtubers on the same views? So friends the answer is "no". YouTube does not pay the same amount to each of its Youtubers. On this platform, there are people making videos in different categories.

For example, one Youtuber is from Tech category and the other is from Education category. There is a big difference in the revenue earned by YouTube on a video of Tech category having 1 million views and on the education category of having 1 million views. This means that YouTube offers different rates in different categories.

It is very important for you to know on what basis YouTube determines the rate. We explain this to you through the following factors.

1. Audience/Viewers

The first factor is Audience. What kind of audience is watching your video is very important. People are interested in your video or they are exiting your video, it is also a very important factor.

2. Video Metadata

The metadata of the video is the second factor. What is the Title, Description, Tags etc. of every video you are uploading? Depending on them also, the ad that will play on the video will run with high rate, will run at low rate or will the ad not run at all. Obviously, you can earn more from high-rate ad, and less than low-rate ad.

3. Advertiser-friendly content

Advertiser-friendly content factor also plays an important role in determining ad rate. Meaning that the video you have made is also important to be ad friendly. What kind of ad will suit more on that video also matters.

4. Watch Time

The longer the video is, the better it is, and the watch time of your video is also longer. And because of this, ad also plays more and more in the video.

You know on what basis YouTube determines the rate? Now we will tell you by image that how much earn money Youtubers who make content in different categories get about 1 million or having views around it?

Let's start with my category, you know that on my YouTube channel you get to see content related to YouTube and blogging. And apart from this, I have also worked on 3-4 more categories. So I know, in which category, how much money is paid by YouTube? So without any doubt you can trust me.

How Much does YouTube Pay You for 1 Million Views

This is the data of one of my videos, in this you can see the total views on the video - 1.2 million. Its watch time (hours) is 147.5K, that is, around 1,47,500 and my total earning from this video is $ 2,641.37, i.e. around 1,97,540.67 Indian Rupees. You can see that according to views, the watch time of my video is also very good, due to which I have received about one lakh ninety seven thousand rupees from this one video.

How Much does YouTube Pay You for 1 Million Views
How Much does YouTube Pay You for 1 Million Views

Comedy Channel

Now let's talk about the videos of some other Youtubers friends of our different categories, we will show you how much money they have earned from the total views on one of their videos. Talking about the category, it is a comedy channel. One of his videos on this channel has seen 6.6 million views and watch time is 18.9 million and when it comes to earning, he has earned $ 648.52 i.e. about Rs 48,490 from this video.


Music Channel

It is a music channel. One of his video has 639.7K views and 1.2 million watch time and grossed $ 126.32, which is around 9 thousand four hundred forty five rupees.


Tech Channel

Talking about this tech channel, one of his videos has 1.6 million views and watch time is 4.9 million and from this video he has earned $ 321.78 i.e. about 24 thousand rupees.

tech channel earning on 1 million views
How Much does YouTube Pay You for 1 Million Views

Roasting Channel

Now let's talk about Roasting Channel. Videos of this category are also liked by the people. You will know about the Carryminati channel, which is a Roasting channel. Now the views on a video of the given channel in the image is 950.7K and 4.6 million watch time. Talking about earnings, he has earned $ 375.43 i.e. about 25 thousand rupees from one of his videos.

youtube income-on-roast-channel for 1 million views

Food Channel

Talk about the Cooking / Recipes channel, so there are good views on this category channel too. Talking about the cooking channel given in the image, he has earned $ 155.36 from one of his videos i.e. around 11 thousand 500 rupees. 523.0K views have come and Watch time has reached 934.0K views.

How Much does YouTube Pay You for 1 Million Views on cooking channel
How Much does YouTube Pay You for 1 Million Views

Friends, these are income overview of all types of channels. You must have guessed that, on what kind of channel, How Much does YouTube Pay You for 1 Million Views?

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Hope you guys have liked this information, and if you have any question or suggestion, you can give information about it in the comment.