Friends, today we are going to talk about YouTube Vs Tiktok, on today's time, these two applications are one of the most favorite platforms in the digital world for the youth as well as people of every category.

YouTube vs TikTok Controversy

The 4-G mobile network and free call and internet package launched by Jio Company in 2016 has brought India's digital world and both these platforms to the limelight. Just as YouTube's Web Application & Mobile App is famous, Tiktok has also become famous.

While YouTube is famous all over the world for providing detailed information about its different fields in the form of Video Visual, on the other hand Tiktok is famous for its different types of creativity’s & simplicity, user friendly. Tiktok seems to be attracting youngsters from all over the world with its special functionalities.

While not only you can see those videos, you can also upload the videos by copying them in real time, making them again in your favorite way.

By the way, if we talk about the similarities between the functionalities of both the things, then you will feel that data and content in both platforms are received in the form of Video Visual. And from making videos in both platforms, you can also earn money from both platforms according to uploads and views and likes of those videos.

By doing this, today, millions of people are sitting at home or at one place and using their laptops and mobile phones, are earning thousands to millions of rupees. And together, earning more names & fame, it is coming out as a new image in other platforms and film industry.

YouTube Vs TikTok – Which is the Best Platform ?

For today's youth, where one more means of entertainment remains, on the other hand many youth and individuals have made it their part time and full time profession. A lot of people are earning well through these platforms daily, weekly and monthly. You will be surprised to know that to create videos like these or to work on YouTube, neither the cost nor the minimum qualification is required.

Let us know about the similarities and differences of these two platforms, along with the detailed information that we will discuss, how and with the help of which means, we can make money from these platforms at home or sitting in any corner of the world.

1. YouTube

In today's era, YouTube has proved to be such a Brahmastra of the Digital World, that it contains information from every field in the world.

Then whether it be Entertainment, Education, News Industry, Farming Industry, Research, Medical, Defense or even more important field?

And the best part is that we can also visualize the information found in the form of audio visual and visualize our life experience and visualize those things with the video. Perhaps YouTube is well-known in almost 91 countries of the world due to its quality due to similar features.

You might be surprised to know that YouTube works in 91 countries in English and Hindi as well as in more than 80 spoken languages. And today, the number of videos uploaded to YouTube is more than 5 billion.

And YouTube (YouTube vs Tiktok) contributes about 12 to 15% to India's Internet traffic. For this reason, this information has become a huge platform for earning as well as entertainment in the world.

How to create your own YouTube channel?

Friends, you can create your own YouTube channel in less time than creating Maggi. In just 2 minutes time, you can create your own channel and upload any entertaining video by yourself?

For this, you have to open the link After that click on your My Profile icon, click on Create New Channel, after naming your YouTube channel, after filling some Non mandatory details, your YouTube channel will be ready. And it will be completely ready to upload new videos.

Advantages and disadvantages of YouTube

If we look at it from the point of view of a normal person, then the advantages of a platform like YouTube are advantages. In it, information from around the world is available in the form of videos. Also, you can watch videos related to important fields like Entertainment, Education, News Industry, Farming Industry, Research, Medical for free. And we can make money by uploading videos on it by creating our own channel without paying any registration fee. And instead of earning money by uploading your videos, you can also earn money by advertising other products and persons.

Now YouTubers make money by uploading videos by creating their own channel. If they talk about the loss or evil of YouTube, earnings from platforms like YouTube are slow. As your subscribers, likes, your video quality will increase, your money will also increase. And when it comes to making good quality videos compared to Tiktok, making YouTube (YouTube vs Tiktok) videos requires resources like a good quality camera or mobile phone, an editor to edit that video, good lighting .

2. Tiktok

Tiktok is an Android and iOS Entertainment mobile app, which we use to make short videos on any topic and upload them to Tiktok and share it with other people.

It was launched in China in September 2016. But if we talk today, TikTok is available today in 155 countries and in 75 languages and TikTok has more than 800 million active users worldwide.

How to create your TikTok account?

To create your account on TikTok, you have to download and install the TikTok (YouTube vs Tiktok) App from your mobile phone's Play Store or APP Store for free. Once installed, you can register for free by entering any of your mobile numbers. After that you can create your account by typing your name and your page name. After that you can upload the clips lying in your phone or create your own videos and upload them.

I am not a regular Tiktok user, but I had created a Tiktok account with my YouTube account and I also got a big benefit from it. Soon my account was verified on Tiktok. If you also have a YouTube channel and you create your tiktok account from it, then you will get the benefit directly.

Advantages and disadvantages of TikTok

Friends, the biggest advantage of TikTok (YouTube vs Tiktok) is that you do not need laptops, gadgets, video editor software like YouTube. In this, you can create and upload videos only with the help of your mobile phone and internet. Making videos on this platform without any extra expense is very easy and time saving.

On average, you can also upload a video on TikTok by creating a video in 2 to 4 minutes. This platform can be used by a lower class, medium class and upper class without any hassle and guideline. You can also earn money by uploading your videos and advertising other products and personalities.

Now let's talk about its shortcomings, so you can upload your videos on this app from 15 seconds to a maximum of 60 seconds. In which you have to compromise with the content of your videos even if you do not want to. The biggest drawback is that it is a Chinese app. And as you know the government is considering a ban of Chinese products and applications under these present circumstances.

Therefore, when this application will be banned, no one knows it. As soon as this app is banned, your usage and earnings from it can also be stopped. And the biggest thing is that despite being used in 155 countries and having more than 800 million active users, if we talk about entertainment, it is an unprofessional app. And no one takes seriously the facts, videos, and content said in 15 seconds, nor is there any source of inspiration. This is just an entertaining 15 seconds and nothing else.

Friends, after watching YouTube vs Tiktok full comparison, you must have understood that both are video sharing platforms, but the features and audience of both are completely different. There is no comparison between these two, nothing is common except for one commonality. If you know anything, then you must tell in the comment.