Seeing the popularity of TikTok, Facebook and Instagram have already launched some of their platforms. Now YouTube has also started spreading its legs towards this side. Yes, we are talking about a new YouTube application called YouTube Shorts. It remains to be seen whether YouTube is able to compete with the rest of the platform, or is simply immersed in a sea of anonymity.

What is YouTube Shorts and how to use it

In today's article, we will tell you what is YouTube Shorts? How to use YouTube Shorts? How to earn money from YouTube Shorts or what are the features in YouTube Shorts? In today's article, all the information related to YouTube shorts will tell you.

YouTube Shorts Full Details

Today, Tiktok has become the most downloaded (Non Gaming App) application of the Play Store. Looking at its popularity, google has prepared to launch a new application. Whose name is being described as YouTube Shorts. You can find features similar to Tiktok on YouTube Shorts.

But let us tell you that its release date has not come yet. When it is going to be released, it cannot be said. But if the sources agree, then it can be released soon. YouTube's team and Google's team have been involved in making this application. Soon you will get to see YouTube Shorts App.

Now it will be fun to see if you can make money with YouTube Shorts or not? How is this app going to entertain people?

What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Short is an Entertainment Application. On which you will get to see Short Video, that is, you will get to see short videos. Anyone can watch and upload any video on YouTube Shorts. On YouTube Short, you will get to see Video Editing feature, with the help of which you can edit your video.

Like you can add a music to your video and many more features you will get to see in YouTube Shorts. In the coming times, YouTube Shorts can give a big competition to Tiktok.

How to download YouTube shorts?

Friends, if you want to download YouTube Shorts, for this you must first go to the Play Store or App Store and in the search bar you will have to type YouTube Shorts. After that the app has to be installed. You can download YouTube Short in this way.

How to Use YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are very easy to use. For this, you have to open your YouTube application. Here you will get to see the option of YouTube Shorts, in which you will find short video clips. You must click on these short video clips to watch the video.

After that the video will play. In this way, a new feature of YouTube Short will be seen inside YouTube itself. With the help of which you can learn something new by watching small entertainment or knowledgeable videos. Some filters will also be given in it, with the help of them, you will be able to see videos easily by category-wise separation.

How to Make Money with YouTube Shorts?

As you all know that people on YouTube make money by making videos. So obviously, there will be some such option in YouTube Shorts too, with the help of which you can earn money from YouTube Shorts. But right now it is not right to say that you can make money with YouTube Shorts. In the coming times, there may be news about making money from YouTube Shorts.

  • But from the news that is coming at the moment, it has not been clear whether you can make money from YouTube Short or not. As soon as we get information about making money from YouTube Shorts, we will tell you through the article how you can make money from YouTube Shorts?


At the moment, YouTube Short Launching Date has not come and we cannot even say when the YouTube Shorts will be launched. But if sources are to be believed, it could be launched by the end of 2020. What features will be seen in it now? Will there be a separate application for this or will you get to see a new feature in YouTube itself, it will tell the time to come.

But will it be able to compete with Tiktok or not, what do you think about it? Please tell us by commenting in this comment box. Friends, this was the entire article, in which we told you what is YouTube Shorts? How to use YouTube Shorts? We have given you complete information. If you have liked this information, then do share it with your friends.

But will it be able to compete with Tiktok or not, what do you think about it? Please tell us by commenting in this comment box.