What is TRP and full form of TRP Or what is a television rating point? Today I am going to elaborate on this. If you must have watched TV, then you must have heard about TRP.

What is TRP Rating

Often people say that the TRP of The Kapil Sharma Show is very high, and the second is less of the serial. But very few people know what is TRP and what it is used for? If you do not even know about TRP, then you are in the right place, because today you will get complete information about it and you will know what is TRP? And how to test it.

What is TRP? TRP Full Form

TRP's full form Television Rating Point provides a tool by which to find out which TV channel is most viewed or which serial is most viewed? It is seen through TRP, which television show is so popular and how many people are watching it every day and for how long?

How to check TRP?

People’s Meter is installed at some place to check the TRP of TV Serials and Channel, through a Specific Frequency to find out where, which Serial or Channel is being viewed and how many times Advertisement is being seen? Television transmits one minute of information to the Monitoring Team through People’s Meter. After analyzing the information from the Monitoring Team, People's Meter determines which channel or which serial has a higher TRP.

If you take a simple example of People's Meter, then if you are a Blogger or YouTube Creator then you must have seen in Analytics, how many views have come on your video or post, where it has been viewed, how many views, how much is the impression of ads, how many males and how many females have seen, what is the age group, which device has been seen? You get all this information. Similarly, People's Meter also works, and extracts complete information about any channel and its serial.

What is the effect on the channels due to more or less TRP?

What is TRP? And TRP is directly related to Connection, Channel or Popularity of a Serial., it must have been understood by you. So obviously, TRP means Television Rating Point will have effect on the channel or serial? Yes, if the TRP of a channel is more or less, then its effect directly falls on the income of the channel.

Sony, Star, Life OK, Discovery and all the channels that make money through advertising. In such a situation, if the TRP of any channel is less, then it will not get much money for advertising or very few advertisers. And vice versa, if the TRP of any channel is more, then it will get more money through the advertiser. TRP Depends not only on the Channel but also on a particular Serial or Show.

For example, if you want to advertise a product on TV, then you will have to pay more money. if you show your ads on any high TRP serial or show, like Nagin or The Kapil Sharma Show. Compared to other low TRP serials.


Recently the Ramayana was re-aired on the Doordarshan TV channel. Whose TRP has broken all previous records. Let us tell you that the telecast of Ramayana has started again, because since the lockdown has been announced in the country, people have become bored, then the Ramayana has been started again to entertain the people.

There are no TV shows in the contest of Ramayana's TRP. Even from the year 2015 till now, it has become the best serial in the entertainment category. This information has been given by Prasar Bharati CEO Shashi Shekhar through a tweet. He tweeted that 'I am very happy to say that the' Ramayana 'show aired on Doordarshan has become the highest TRP-generating Hindi general entertainment show since 2015.

You can read the tweet below.

Friends, you must be wondering who will tell the TRP data. So let us tell you that the viewership data of all TV channels in BARC institute is extracted. And this data is shown to the advertising company. And based on this TRP, the fee per Ad is fixed.

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Guys, I hope you understand, what is TRP? And what is TRP Means? Popularity of a Channel TV Show or Serial is checked from Television Rating Point itself. If you have any question or suggestion about TRP, then you must tell us in the comment.