Almost everyone is familiar with health insurance. This insurance is very important for all people through which the insurer gets free health care. In today's time, there is no known health condition of anyone. In such a situation, there is no free treatment in any hospital. If you have your SBI Health Insurance, then the insurance company pays all medical expenses to the hospital on behalf of the insurer.

SBI Health Insurance for Account Holders

Today, the largest bank in the field of banking is SBI Bank. Whose branch is located all over India where the bank provides many types of services, and through these services provides facilities to the common citizens. It has a significant participation in the banking sector. It provides you 24-hour services.

Today, we will tell about SBI Health Insurance for Account Holders through this article. Through this article, we will also tell you how you can take advantage of this health insurance policy and what are its features.

What is SBI Health Insurance for Account Holders?

SBI Health Insurance for Account Holders is a type of insurance scheme under which the expenses of any health and accident costs are taken. This expense is provided through the Health Insurance Company. This insurance is initiated by a partnership between the State Bank of India and the Insurance Company of Australia (Insurance Australia Group). With which the SBI Insurance Company operates. State Bank of India holds 76 percent stake in it and Insurance Australia Group holds 24% stake. In this way, the insurance company runs in partnership with both companies.

As you know, the largest public sector bank in India is SBI. Whose network is spread across the country. Similarly, Insurance Australia Group is a reliable and world-renowned company that operates in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and many countries in Asia, and provides insurance services to those countries.

SBI offers various brands of insurance products, which give India many benefits. As I have already mentioned, this health insurance company is formed with the help of two companies. Therefore, some properties of the Global Insurance Company are also seen, and the State Bank of India gets a world-class identity. This company gets the best health insurance for the world class consumer.

What is SBI Health Insurance for Account Holders Policy?

  • The person may suffer a health related impairment at any time. For that, sbi provides the benefit of health insurance tax exemption in health insurance policy. Because the premium payment is deducted from the taxable income basis as per Section 80D of the IT Act. Which reduces the burden on the tax payers significantly.

  • All sbi policy holders are provided with health insurance policy kit.

  • Under the sbi health policy, a 15-day cooling period is provided. If the customer is not satisfied, the policy document is returned in the cooling period itself, which causes the policy to be canceled.

  • Provides health insurance to industrial groups along with individual and family sectors.

  • Treatment under health policy will also be done in 3000 hospitals under Insurance. Medicines will be provided for treatment on submission of related bills and documents in hospitals other than networked hospitals.

  • According to the policy rules under the policy kit, information on exclusions, list of services provided, details of networked hospitals, toll free number etc. will be included in the policy documents.

  • Basic medical, emergency situations, ambulance recruitment charge, additional hospital expenses, daily expenses etc. will also be paid under the policy.

Specialty of SBI Health Insurance

  • A good network of hospitals is available through this insurance.

  • The policy is designed in a completely flexible and comprehensive plan manner.

  • 24-hour service and support is provided to customers.

  • Health check-ups are provided free of charge to policy holders on completion of at least 4 years.

  • Through Insurance, you can easily buy and renew online.

  • Through this, you will be given ICU fee, consulting fee, AMBULANCE expense etc. under the policy.

What is SBI Health Insurance Plan?

Under SBI Health Insurance for Account Holders you are provided many such facilities which are not given in any other insurance. Through this you get a large network of hospitals. The policy holder can go to any of the hospitals in these networks and get his checkup done for free, and a large network of 3000 hospitals has been prepared in it.

In this, you can easily get a health check-up done. In the insurance plan, you get all the basic features there so that you can get your tests done easily. The insurance plan provides extensive coverage to the policy holder. Experts and concerned officials help you in this.

Insurance Details

  • Age - 3 months to 65 years

  • Base - Personal and family

  • Insurance coverage - Minimum 1 lakh to maximum 5 lakhs

  • Medical check up - For people above 65 years only.

  • Co-payment - 10%

  • Waiting Period - Up to 1 year

Insurance facilities

If you get insurance from any company, then many of its benefits are given to the person who takes advantage of such plans. Today, there are many companies in the country that provide better health insurance. One of which is State Bank of India. Here you will find such better hospitals, where first treatment facilities are there.

If you buy SBI Health Insurance for Account Holders plan for yourself and your family then you will get a lot of benefit. And if there is any untoward, then these companies take responsibility for it, and they see almost all the cost of your treatment.

It is tax free. Under the policy, expenses like ambulance fee, accommodation related charges, daily expenses, ICU charges etc. will be provided to you as per POLICY. You will be provided with disease coverage for a period of 1 year.

What are the achievements of SBI Health Insurance?

  • Almost this health insurance has been in operation for 6 years. It has established itself as a world class company.

  • Its customers are all over India. At present the associate bank insurance product is large through the agents of this insurance company.

  • SBI health insurance has received several prestigious awards for its outstanding performance in the insurance sector.

  • It is widely pleased due to its quality and good services.

  • It has received ISO 27001 Certified Insurance Group Letter.

  • It has prepared its digital infrastructure well.

  • SBI health insurance has achieved more than 63% increase in premium collection in 2015-16. Which is much higher than last year.

  • Through its best network of hospitals, it has made its own mark.

  • There are 15273 SBI branches across India. Through which this insurance network runs.

I hope you will be satisfied with the information given by me. The purpose of this article was to give detailed information about SBI Health Insurance for Account Holders. So that more and more people know about their health insurance and can take advantage of it.

No one knows when and with whom an accident happens, and in such a situation, the family has to bear a huge loss financially. This is why I have told about SBI health insurance here. So that you understand its needs. And you must have heard the saying Health is Wealth. In such a situation, everyone wants their health to be right, but this world and things here are not easy.

Anything can happen to you anytime. Therefore, you can insure your health and take advantage of it if needed. And you can get insurance from any reputed company by investing some money from your earnings, and State Bank has a list of many such better hospitals. Hope you liked this post and you share it with your friends.