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Domain Authority and Page Authority in SEO

If you have any information in the blogging field, what is the Domain Authority? This must be known. Domain Authority is basically a Parameter, from which the value of your Blog / Website in the market is seen.

Thousands of blogs are created every day on the Internet, and every blog-maker wants his blog to be shown on Google's First Position. But this is not possible, because of which Google has a lot of problem in deciding which blog should be shown on the first position.

Domain Authority is used to decide the same.

Today there are many bloggers who work hard day and night and also SEO optimized their blog article well. Even after this, his blog is not able to come on the first page.

If you are facing the same problem, then perhaps it may also be due to less domain authority.

There are many other reasons for coming to the first page of Google, but of those reasons, having good Domain Authority is the most important.

That is why today I will tell you what is Domain Authority and how to Increase? With which your blog article will start showing on Google's First Page.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority which we also call DA in easy language. This is a parameter through which the value of your blog in the market is determined.

To know the domain authority of any blog, it is rated from 1 to 100. In which the higher the number of that blog / website, the higher the value of its domain.

The Domain Authority has not been Introduced by Google, rather it has been Introduced by Moz, an SEO tool. Google considers PA (Page Authority) more than DA to rank any article.

Google had reported in a report that it considers PA more than DA, but this is not entirely true. Google also considers DA somewhere in the Indirect Way.

Domain authority is also different for all websites, if your blog is new, then its DA will also be between 5 and 10. And as your website becomes old, its DA will increase.

How to check Domain Authority?

To check Domain Authority, you will get many such websites on the Internet, through which you can check DA of any website. But it is believed that if we use the tool of the person who has introduced the Domain Authority, we will get the best information.

That's why you always use Moz's Moz Open Site Explore Tool. Because it is considered the best Domain Authority Checker tool, and it always shows the latest DA Score of your website.

No one is aware that the Moz SEO tool checks the authority of the domain on which Basis. But it is believed that there can be more than 40 Factors to do Domain Authority Check, using which is the Domain Authority Check of your website.

Domain Authority Vs Page Authority

Both Domain Authority and Page Authority are like two sides of the same coin. Both contribute, due to which your website ranks on Google's First Page.

What is Domain Authority and Page Authority in SEO?

In Domain Authority, it happens that all the Sites from which you have created a backlink for your main domain helps to increase the domain authority of your blog / website. This shows that from how many other websites, you have got reference to your blog? Which increases your Blog's DA Score.

The more DA sites you get backlink from, the more DA of your blog will grow and the more quickly it will start to rank.

In page authority it is, how much backlink have you got for your single blog post from other websites? The more backlink you get from other websites on your single blog post, the easier it becomes for that blog post to be ranked on Google's first page.

The more high DA, PA websites you create backlink for your blog post, the sooner that post will start being ranked on Google's First Position.

Based on these things, you must have known that what is Domain Authority? And what is the difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Now let us know how to Increase Domain Authority.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

You can increase the Domain Authority of your website by following these steps.

  • Choose Good Domain Name

  • Write SEO Optimized Post

  • Interlink Post

  • Comment On Other Blog

  • Link Building

  • Increase Page Loading Speed

  • Content Promoting Via Social Media

#1 Choose Good Domain Name

If you are just starting Blogging, then you choose your domain name which is related to your Niche / Topic, this has a great impact on SEO. Similarly, if your blog name also has a word related to your Niche, then it is quite good.

Your domain is a type of brand that you are going to build or do, so always remember that your domain name should be Catchy and Short. So that there is no problem in remembering your blog name or searching again.

#2 Write SEO Optimised Post

If you do not write SEO Optimized Post on your blog, then you are doing this very wrong. Due to not writing SEO Optimized Post, your Ranking has a lot of effect, which reduces your Domain Authority in Indirect way.

If you are using blogger, then you will have problem in writing SEO Optimized Post. That is why if you can invest then you can shift to WordPress. If you cannot invest, then you can use the online tool of Yoast SEO.

In these Yoast SEO by writing SEO Optimized Post, you can paste on Blogger, which will improve your ranking and your DA will start increasing. If you use WordPress, then you get many SEO plugins in it, using which you can write a good SEO post.

If you write a blog by doing SEO well, then your user will enjoy reading your blog, which will help in reducing the Bounce Rate of your blog. With which your blog will start being ranked as soon as possible.

SEO helps a lot in increasing the domain authority of your blog.

#3 Interlink Post

What is Interlink Post and how do? - Interlink Post means, to link the second article of your blog to your other article. You should remember that whenever you write a new article, then definitely link with your old article which is rank in Google.

This makes the interlinking of your blog's article good, and it is more likely that after reading this article, the user will also read a similar article. Which causes traffic increase of your blog.

By interlinking, it is beneficial that when Google's Crawler will Crawl your rank post, then it will start to crawl all the article links in that article as well. Which will cause Link Juice Increase of your blog post. With this, your new article will start being ranked on Google's First Page as soon as possible.

#4 Comment On Other Blog

What is Domain Authority and how to increase it? For this, you can make a good comment by going to the blog of another blogger who writes blogs related to your Niche.

This will make a good relation between you and that blogger. And while commenting, provide some value through your comment, so it is more likely that the user of that article should read your comment and start coming to your site. Which will increase the traffic of your blog.

By commenting on other blogs, your SEO also has a great impact. By commenting you get a no-follow backlink. Not much, but a little bit helps in increasing Domain Authority of your blog.

#5 Link Building

You must have heard about Guest Post, this method comes within Link Building. In which you have to write an article by going to the website of others connected to the topic of your blog, from which you get a backlink.

The backlink that we get from Guest Post is a Do-Follow Backlink which helps greatly in increasing the Domain Authority of your blog. For Guest Post, you contact the Owner of another website and tell them that you want to write content for them.

You write them a good quality content, which they will upload to their site. With which the users of that site will start coming to your site, which will also increase your traffic and you will also get a Do-Follow Backlink. Which will help improve your Blog's DA.

#6 Increase Page Loading Speed

What is Domain Authority and how to increase? This is the most important step of all the things you have known till now. In which you have to reduce the loading speed of your blog.

In a study, it has been seen that due to the high loading speed of your website, the SEO of your blog is greatly affected, due to which the Domain Authority of your blog starts decreasing.

Due to the higher loading speed of the blog, there is more chance that the user will close your blog before opening it. Due to which your blog's bounce rate will increase, due to this, your blog's SEO will be greatly affected, which will reduce the domain authority of your blog in an indirect way.

To reduce the loading speed of your website, you can use some good themes. But keep in mind that Theme Mobile Friendly must be there. To know whether your Theme is Mobile Friendly or not, you can use Google's tool Mobile Friendly Theme Test.

Therefore, to increase the Blog's Domain Authority, keep your site's loading speed as low as you can.

#7 Content Promoting Via Social Media

You comment below and tell whether you share the content of your blog on social media or not? Because how much social share your post gets to increase the Domain Authority also matters.

To get maximum social share for your blog, create an account on all social media platforms from your blog name and whenever you write a new post, share it on all your social media accounts. With this, Social Engagement will start increasing on your blog.

At the end of your blog, you can also tell your user to share your blog on social media accounts through Call to Action. And you can also use Social Media Share Buttons on your blog, so that your audience does not have problem in sharing your blog.


What is Domain Authority and how to increase? If you follow all the steps mentioned above for this, then soon you will start seeing Improvement of your Domain Authority.

If you are thinking that the Domain Authority grows in a day then you are thinking this wrong. Because it takes time to do Domain Authority Increase and if you are thinking that Domain Authority is everything then it is also wrong.

In today's time, if you want to rank in the top position, then pay attention to your content as well. Content is always King.

If your content is not good then Domain Authority will not be able to do anything, that is why you should pay attention to your content first and when your blog becomes 2 - 3 months old, then you can do Domain Authority Increase through Backlink.

I hope, what is Domain Authority and how to increase it? You must have understood. Now there will be no problem related to this topic. If you face any problem related to this, then you can tell us by commenting below, we will try our best to solve your problem.