• Jio Mart will now be able to shop in Mumbai suburban areas such as Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan.

  • After the order has been sent from WhatsApp, the goods will be delivered to the customer from the nearest grocery store.

Reliance's Jio Mart has started on WhatsApp, customers can shop on the company's official number 88500-08000

JioMart StartedLive on WhatsApp

Reliance Industries' new venture, Jio Mart, has started on WhatsApp. Customers can now shop on Jio Mart's official WhatsApp number 88500 08000. With Jio Mart, shopping can now be done in Mumbai suburban areas like Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan. Soon this service will be implemented across the country. Reliance Industries on Wednesday announced an agreement with Facebook, under which Facebook has invested $ 5.7 billion in Reliance Jio.

You can shop this way on Jio Mart's WhatsApp number.

  • To make purchases from Gio mart, the customer must first save the company's WhatsApp number in his phone. Jiomart's WhatsApp number is 88500 08000.

  • After this, Jio mart will send a link to the customers on WhatsApp chat window. This link will remain valid for the next 30 minutes.

  • After clicking on the link, a new page will open on the customer's phone. On this page, the customer has to fill his address and phone number.

  • After filling the required details, Jio Mart will send a list of available goods to the customer's phone.

  • The customer will order, out of the available goods. After this, the order and the details of the customer will go to the nearby grocery store or Jio Mart store.

  • The customer will be sent the name and other details of the grocery store or Jio Mart store to which the customer's order has been sent.

Soon Jio Mart's service will start across the country

Through grocery stores, Reliance Industries also wants to sell its private labels. These include Best Farms, Good Life, Masti Aaye, Cafe, Enzo, Mopz, ExPelj and Home One. Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) Mukesh Ambani has said that soon Jio Mart and WhatsApp will digitally strengthen around 3 crore small grocery stores in the country to do business with every single customer around them.

Business of shops will also increase, people will get employment

Recently, in a video message announcing his partnership with Facebook, Ambani said that this partnership means that all of you can quickly order goods in your everyday life to the grocery stores around you And there can be fast delivery to you. Small grocery shops will also be able to expand their business using digital technology and create new employment opportunities.

Facebook's share of 9.99% in Jio

According to Wednesday's announcement, Facebook is investing Rs 43,574 crore in Reliance Jio. After this, Facebook's stake in Jio will be 9.99%. After this deal, the valuation of Jio will be 4.62 lakh crore rupees. This valuation is calculated at 70 rupees against 1 dollar. Facebook will become the largest minority shareholder in Jio after regulatory approval.