Today we are going to talk about one of the most successful banks in the banking sector, State Bank of India, which launched a mobile application called YONO. Yes, YONO app means You Only Need One. This YONO mobile application and SBI YONO website was launched on 24 November 2017 by former Finance Minister of India, Arun Jaitley.

It is still the only mobile application in 2020, with its different features, with the help of which we can do special tasks like withdrawing money from ATM machine without ATM card. Currently, you can avail this service with the facility of cash withdrawal from 16,500 ATM machines of SBI. And SBI ATM has been providing cashless services like this.

He is called YONO Cash Point in the common banking language. Through this web and mobile application you can do a lot of work from home. As you can see your balance, you can transfer money anywhere, purchase any policy, apply for a credit card, and can also activate or block your debit card in odd circumstances. And also can do other services such as taxi booking, online shopping, medical bill payment etc.

How to download & install YONO App?

Installing this YONO app is as common and free as other mobile aap. You can download it from Google Play Store and App Store. For this, after going to the search bar, enter SBI YONO and press the search button.

How to Withdraw Money Without ATM Card SBI

By doing this, you will first get the SBI YONO app with blue purple color combination. After clicking on the install button, this mobile app will be automatically installed on your mobile phone. After this, you will be completely ready to register on this app.

How to register on YONO app?

After successfully installing this YONO App on your mobile, you will have to register on it for the next step. In this process you will have two options here, first you can activate with the help of your SBI Internet Banking Login ID and Password or as a second option you can also register using your ATM Card. By using either of the two options, you will be able to register successfully after completing the following procedure.

Steo 1.

When you open the YONO App, you will see the option of Existing Customer, you have to click on that button.

Download SBI YONO - Click Here

Step 2.

In the next step, there will be two options YES and NO, so if you have SBI Net Banking facility, then click on the Yes button, and if SBI Net Banking facility is not there, then you click on that No button. You can register with the help of your ATM card.

Step 3.

If you clicked on the Yes button, you can complete the registration process by entering your login id and password in the form being shown using your SBI Net Banking facility.

Step 4.

If you clicked on that NO button, you will have to fill in the form showing details of your ATM card, such as your ATM card number and your ATM PIN code, then click on the submit button.

Step 5.

After this you will have to create a unique Username and Password and click on submit button again.

Step 6.

In this next step you will have to set your 6 digit MPIN, with the help of which you will be able to perform any transaction or any action.

Step 7.

Now as soon as you complete your 6 digit MPIN process, an OTP i.e. One Time Password will come on your registered mobile number by the bank to complete this last process, it has to be entered on the screen you see. And as soon as you enter this OTP on the screen, your registration process will be completed completely.

After completing the appropriate process, you must have fully activated this SBI YONO App, and now you are fully ready to use it.

5 things SBI customers can do with YONO App.

  1. Banking activities

  2. Can get loan.

  3. Use SIA Bot

  4. One view dashboard

  5. Shopping

Now let us quickly know in a nutshell that with this SBI Yono App, what kind of services can you take advantage of?

  • Can withdraw cash without ATM card.

  • You can know the balance of your account sitting at home.

  • Through digital you can open a new SBI account in just 5 minutes.

  • You can transfer money to another person's bank accounts from anywhere at home.

  • You can get a Free Approved Personal Loan without going to the bank, sitting at home and doing no paperwork.

  • A facility called overdraft is also available here in lieu of fixed deposits.

  • There is also a facility to buy investment products and insurance policies.

  • Along with this, you can also shop along with online booking from this SBI Yono App.

  • You can also avail the necessary services from here like many other things like Traveling, Food and Drinks, Books, Cab Booking, Movies Tickets and Medical. For example - Uber, Amazon, Myntra, Thomas cook, Yatra, BookMyShow etc.

How to withdraw cash without ATM?

When you download SBI YONO App and setup your account, then you are ready to withdraw cash without Debit Card. And if you want, you can withdraw money by going to SBI ATM without ATM card.

Withdraw Money Without ATM Card SBI

We all know that a card is required to withdraw money from an ATM machine, and no one can transact without a card. But if you have a YONO account, you can use the ATM without the card and withdraw money. But you have to pay attention to one thing, only in SBI ATM you will get the option of YONO.

You just have to go to the ATM and select the option of YONO instead of the card and then you can withdraw money by entering 6 digit YONO code. Just like you do with a card.

Friends, SBI is a better initiative for digital and cash payments, and the YONO app has been present in India since long. In such a situation, if you do not know about it yet, then learn how to use it, so you do not even need to keep the ATM card with you while traveling. Or if you accidentally forget the ATM card, you can pay through this.