Hello friends, YouTube is dividing all its video types into different categories, so that YouTuber and Viewer can get the correct contact. For this, YouTube has first created a separate platform for Gaming. Where only videos related to gaming are uploaded and viewed. Today we will learn here how to create Gaming Channel On YouTube?

Start a YouTube Gaming Channel for Free

YouTube is already working on this, and is creating separate platforms for all Video Categories. So that the user does not have problem in doing video search as per his wish, and the creators can also get the Right Subscriber. for example…

On YouTube TV we will get to watch all the channels of television and on YouTube Kids we will get only videos related to children. Since Gaming is also a famous category and its follower is also very high. There is hardly anyone in Kids to Teenager who doesn't like playing games. Therefore YouTube has also created a platform for Gaming. So let's know about it in a little detail.

About YouTube Gaming:

YouTube Gaming is a platform where all our favorite games can be seen. Such as Call of Duty, GTA V etc. Google has made this platform specially for gamers, and anyone here who is interested in gaming can create their own channel, and can upload live or on-Demand videos.

If we are a viewer, then we can get to see all the favorite games here, because the YouTube gaming feature is kept very different from the standard feature of YouTube and its design is also different.

On the home screen of YouTube gaming, we get to see 4 options.

Home: From here we get to see all the popular games and some highlighted games, as well as all the recommended games videos.

Live: From here, we can get information about the live running Games Channels of whatever game you like. We can watch live streaming of that game videos through Live.

Games: From here you will get information about all the popular games, and we can see our favorite game here. Such as Fortnite, League Of Legend, Far Cry 5, GTA V etc.

Channel: From here we will get information about all Gaming Channels and from here you can subscribe to your favorite Gaming Channel. Like we do on Standard YouTube.

If we have interest in Gaming, then we can start a Gaming Channel on our own, and can fulfill our Gaming hobby. With this you can create Social Media Follower, and can also earn money. Here I have shared some easy tips, with the help of which we can create our Gaming Channel. With this we will also know how to earn money from it like YouTube.

How to Create YouTube Gaming Channel?

YouTube is very supportive of Specially gaming. Because gaming is a big industry, and millions of people are connected to it. If we have to create a Gaming Channel, then we should have a Computer System and Internet Service for it. After that we can start one of our gaming channels by following these easy steps.

  1. As I said, YouTube has created a separate platform for Gaming, and to access its platform, we have to use this URL. https://gaming.youtube.com/

  2. After going to the Gaming Website, we have to click on Sign and login with our Gmail Address.

  3. After signing, you have to click on the Menu Icon given in the Corner above the Left Side, and go to My Channel Option.

  4. Here we will get our channel. If something is to be changed in this channel, then we have to go to its Parent Account i.e. YouTube.com and manage the channel from there. Such as changing the channel name, uploading logo on the channel etc.

  5. After creating the channel, we can upload direct video or create live streaming game play video.

Whatever we have an account on Standard YouTube, you can use it for Gaming. Now we can use the channel by logging the account into Gaming mode from Direct YouTube.com.

How to Make Money from Gaming Channel?

Gaming or YouTube Kids, these are all features of YouTube.com. They have just been separated by category with the help of Sub-Domain. So that the creators can reach their right user, and the user can reach their right channel.

If we create a Gaming Channel and want to earn money from it, then we can add it to our Adsense Account, in the same way as we add all our remaining accounts. That is, we can manage our channel from YouTube.com.

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Friends, if you want to create a YouTube Gaming Channel with a successful high revenue income in 2020, and you are interested in Gaming, then it is best for you to create a gaming YouTube Channel and connect it to AdSense account. Right now there are few people in India, who are leading in Gaming. Such as Carryminati and Dynamo Gaming. In such a situation, you have a great chance to convert Gaming Passion into Profession, you must share your views in the comment, what is your opinion about YouTube Gaming Feature?