When you first start a new website, web hosting is one of the most important things for it. Web hosting is where people store the data of their website. You store a digital file (HTML, Documents, Image, Video etc.) of your website in Hosting. So now you must have understood how important Web Hosting is for your website. Here I will tell you how you can create a professional WordPress blog for Free and Make Money with Siteground best WordPress Hosting and can approve Google AdSense account on it.

Create a WordPress Blog for Free and Make Money

If you are purchasing Hosting for your website for the first time, then you will see that there are many companies providing Hosting. Which of them is good for you, hosting is a bit difficult to find out. Because Hosting not only stores the digital files of your website, it is also responsible for the loading speed of your website. Web hosting is provided by a company.

Which rents to store your website on your Computer / Server and provide internet connectivity. So that other users can access the files on your website. Therefore we would advise you to choose a better Web Hosting, which is named Siteground. Let's know what is Siteground Hosting?

What is Siteground Hosting?

Siteground is considered one of the most popular and highly rated hosting providers. It provides exciting software packages for Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, Dedicated Server etc. It is very popular among people due to its superior customer support, web speed and security etc. This company offers a 30-day money back guarantee. With this hosting you get Free SuperCacher and SSD, due to which your website starts loading very fast.

SiteGround offers very well managed WordPress Hosting with a very low starting price. Its StartUp Plan starts at $ 3.95 per month, plus SiteGround WordPress Hosting provides us 24/7 email, live chat and calling support. WordPress.org has officially recommended its services.

Siteground Hosting Plans and Pricing

SiteGround offers three basic shared hosting plans. Whose features and price are given below.

1. Start-up Plan

It costs $ 3.95 per month. Only one website can be hosted using this plan. This plan is better for starting. It has 10GB web space, which can handle about 10,000 visitors every month.

Apart from this, there are many other features like Free Site Builder, free SSL security and HTTPS, free E-mail account, free daily backup, 24/7 customer support. This plan also has free cloudflare CDN, un-metered traffic, unlimited MySQL, SSH and 30-day money back guarantee. These features provide an excellent option for people starting a new website.

2. Growbig Plan

It costs $ 5.95 per month. It can host unlimited websites. This plan is better for those who are planning to expand their business. Its available web-space is 20GB. It can handle around 25,000 traffic every month. It comes with many other features like free SiteBuilder, free SSL and HTTPS, free E-mail accounts, free daily backups, 24/7 customer support and more.

Apart from this, it also has Free Cloudflare CDN, unmetered traffic, unlimited MySQL, SSH and 30 days money back guarantee. There are some special features available with this plan, such as free website migration by specialist, high backup level on demand, wordpress platform super cacher for tremendous speed etc. These features help in increasing online business.

3. GoGeek Plan

It costs $ 11.95 per month. It can host unlimited websites. As the name itself suggests, this program is better for web geeks. Its available web space is 30GB. It can handle around 100,000 traffic every month. Apart from this, there are many other features like free site-builder, free SSL and HTTPS, free business e-mail account, free daily backup, 24/7 customer support, unmetered traffic.

It also has Free Cloudflare CDN, Unlimited MySQL, unlimited database, SSH and 30 days money back guarantee. Its other special features are free hosting website data migration by specialist, super cacher for high speed, Advance on demand backup, WordPress staging etc.

Benefits of Siteground Hosting

  • SiteGround provides free website migration from one host to another.

  • Shared hosting plan has 30 days money back guarantee.

  • Free SSL certificate and cloudflare CDN

  • Fast server response time

  • Siteground has regular backup facility to keep the information of professional customer safe.

  • 24/7 live chat and telephone support for customers.

  • For security they have anti spam tool, IP address blocking features, free SSL certificate and free site checking tools.

  • Siteground has 5 data centers in 4 countries. Users can choose the nearest location to improve server speed. The data center is located in Amsterdam, Chicago, Milan, London and Singapore.

  • SiteGround provides 99.999% uptime.

  • SiteGround uses the best technology to improve speed. The average loading time of their hosting is 1.3 seconds.

Disadvantages of Siteground Hosting

  • Siteground web hosting provides limited storage.

  • Most hosting providers offer free domains for the first year of use to attract new customers. SiteGround does not provide such a feature.

  • It comes with monthly resource limits. Suppose if you cross your Threshold, then your site may be on hold for the next month. This is 10,000 visitors per month for the Limit start-up plan, 25,000 visitors per month for Grow Big and 100,000 visitors per month for the GoGeek plan.

How to create Professional WordPress Blog?

If you want to create a blog that can be a way for you to earn both money and name, then for this you have to create a professional WordPress blog. For which you need to buy a website domain and professional hosting. I have used all hosting so far.

Which has the best and fast siteground website hosting. So I would advise all of you to buy hosting for your professional blog from Siteground itself.

But a domain is required before hosting. Even before this, you need another important information, Blogging startup idea i.e. on which topic do you want to make a blog? I have explained about it in detail here, which topic is the best to start a blog.

After choosing Topic you can go to buy domain. And if you keep your domain name according to your blog topic then it would be more correct.

How to buy a Professional Domain?

If you want, you can also buy hosting + domain together on Siteground. But the price of the domain here is expensive, that is, you will get a domain of at least $ 15. In such a situation, it would be right for you to buy the domain from Godaddy. Get cheap here and can buy your favorite domain very easily.

Step 1.

Click on the URL (https://sso.godaddy.com/account/create) and create an account, and if you have a Facebook or Gmail account, you can login directly.

Step 2.

After creating an account, enter the domain name you thought of. And .com, .net select whatever you want to buy and click on add to cart.

Step 3.

Now you can buy domain for one year, two years or five years by paying through debit card or net banking.

How to Buy Siteground Hosting?

After purchasing the domain you need a hosting, where the data of the website can be saved and can reach millions of people through the domain. Light Siteground growbig plan is considered to be the best for this. You can choose this plan or any plan according to your budget. Siteground wordpress plans are mentioned above.

Step 1.

Click here and select https://www.siteground.com/ the hosting plan. Select Hosting Plan

Step 2.

Now you select the option 'I already have a Domain' and enter the URL of the domain you have purchased from Godaddy.

Step 3.

Now you are ready to buy hosting. You enter all the necessary information in the form and complete the payment, and go to your account and check.

Step 4.

After the payment is complete, you will have to click on proceed to customer area from here. Then you have to login the account.

Step 5.

Now you are ready to setup.

Step 6.

You are ready to setup WordPress Blog after a few steps. Now you have to create an account and login. Then you can select WordPress.

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Friends, here I have tried my best to provide information. How can you create a professional WordPress blog? I hope you liked it. If you have any question or suggestion, then you must tell in the comment.