How to Buy Best Mobile Phone in India, This is a very complicated question on its own. Because at this time, so many brands of mobile phones have come, who are selling their phones with different marketing strategies.

Some are selling in the name of Camera Phone (Vivo & Oppo), some in the name of RAM, so it is a little difficult to decide which is the Perfect Smartphone and which is a useless Phone.

Best Mobile Phone in India

If you want to take an Android Phone Under 10000 and you will take a review from people about it, then you will get answers of the same kind of people you ask about the phone. So today I am going to tell you such tips & tricks here with the help of which you can decide by yourself which phone is perfect for you.

If you buy a Smartphone at a price of Rs 50,000 or above in your country, then you have no problem because 60% of the people taking phones above Rs 50,000 are inclined towards Apple iPhone. 30% of the rest of the people think of Samsung Phone and the rest of the people choose the phone of any other brand.

In our country, the maximum number of Smartphone Selling and Buying are done from 6000 to 20000 rupees. Therefore, I will also tell here only for such a price range, how to buy the best phone in the 6K to 20K price range?

How to Buy Best Phone? Full Guide

To buy Best Phone, one always has to take care of three things.

  1. Price
  2. Specification
  3. Brand (Optional)

If you take care of these three things while buying a mobile, then you will always be able to buy a perfect Smartphone for yourself.

1. Price

Before buying a phone, you decide your budget, how much price you want to buy a Smartphone. Because with this you can categorize yourself and this helps in making the best Smartphone purchase of any price range.

eg- Suppose if you have to buy Under 15000 Smartphone, in such a situation, if you have set your budget then only 15K Price Smartphone will remain in your mind and you will have to check the review, specification of these phones only.

2. Specification

After deciding the budget, in order to buy the best phone, you have to decide what purpose you want to buy the phone specially (Barring Feature like Phone Calls, Messaging, Email)?

Such as Photography (Camera), Video Recording (Rear & Front), Gaming, Internet, RAM & Storage You can select only one of these features or select all features.

eg- Suppose if you want to take a phone for mobile game, then it means that the phone you are thinking of taking, it should have a good Processor + GPU + CPU along with FHD Display and RAM, Storage. That is, you have selected 2 things to buy Best Phone Price & Specification (meaning you should have a phone with good Processor & RAM in the range of 15K rupees).

Now read these tips carefully,

  • Now you search on the Internet that "Best Smartphone Under 15000 (or the price you want to take the phone)" and see which phones, top 5 phones or top 10 Smartphones come in? After this, select all the phones you like.
  • Under 15000 Compare the specification of any phone you like. The best website to do Smartphone Comparison is
  • Check the phone reviews from phone websites like Sharmji Technical, Technical Guruji, geekyranjit and websites like GSMarena, Phonearena.

3. Brand

After you compile the phone review and specification, the brand whose phone you choose will be a perfect smartphone and you can buy a best phone for yourself in this way. Because now is not the time when we used to run after Nokia, Samsung. Now people check more than Brand that I can get the Best Phone at the same price?

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Friends, here is how to buy Best Phone? In such a situation, if you are thinking to make the best Smartphone purchase in any price range, then you must read these and follow all the tips and methods mentioned here such as Smartphone Comparison, Phone Review & Specification, then you must be a Best Phone Can Buy.