CAA is the word that caused people to protest in the country for several days, do you know what is the full form of CAA? And what is the difference between CAA & NRC? If not, then you are the right place. Here we will tell you how in every city of the country, a Shaheen Bagh became and thousands of people came on a protest for CAA.

CAA and NRC Full Form Meaning

This is a political topic, so it may be possible to use some such sentences that people who are disrespectful to CAA and NRC may not like. We have got information about it from various news and article source, yet if there is any error related to CAA meaning and NRC meaning or related to the rule of both, we will apologize for this.

Although 80% of people did not know about the word CAA and NRC till some time back. But since the CAA Bill has come and some changes have been made in the citizenship law, the whole of India has come to know about it.

Today we will get detailed information about this here. And some will get information about such facts which are covered under CAA and NRC law.

CAA and NRC Full Form Meaning

The full form of CAA is 'Citizenship Amendment Act'. It is a part of the Indian Constitution and people started to know about it when the new amended law of CAA was passed in December 2019.

The Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 opens the path of citizenship for minorities (non-Muslims) coming to India from other countries. And the Government of India wants that the minorities who come from India from neighboring countries should be given citizenship here.

Now a big question arises?

Will the citizenship of Muslims living in India be taken away from CAA?

This law is only to give citizenship to new people who come to India. And it is not written in this bill that through it the citizenship of any Indian Muslim will be taken away.

If any person or our readers have any doubt about this, then they can read it in detail by visiting Wikipedia. And together all the domestic and foreign news website can also get information about it.

Note: Both CAB and CAA mean the same. Here the full form of CAB is Citizenship Amendment Bill, that is, when it was introduced for passing in Parliament, it was called Bill instead of Act.

There are some main points of this act. Let's know about him.

Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019

Under the CAB, citizenship of India will be given to people coming from countries like India's neighboring country, such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan.

As I said, only non-Muslim people will be given citizenship in this bill, this includes Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, Jain, Buddhist community.

In these three countries, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, Muslims are not minority, so they will not get the benefit of this facility. That is, they will not be able to gain citizenship of India.

CAA and NRC Full Form Meaning

The full form of NRC is National Register of Citizens, through which the Government of India will be able to find out who is living in the country legally and who is living illegally. The NRC was imposed by the Supreme Court in 2013 in the state of Assam and now the government wants to implement it across the country. So that it can be found out in the whole country how many people are living illegally?

This rule was implemented by the Supreme Court to expel illegal Bangladeshis, and since the CAB has come into force, those opposing it in India started thinking that the government would bring the NRC along.

When the government has said that there is no official information about it yet and if it comes, I think it will be better. Because of the illegal occupants, many suspicious activities take place in the country.

When the NRC came into force in Assam, those who have been living in Assam since before 25 March 1971 were considered citizens of India and those who do not have proof were placed in the detention center. And this time when it will be implemented across the country, a similar investigation will be done.

Some important questions related to this:

What is required to join NRC?

In order to be a citizen of India, a person must prove that his ancestors have settled in India before 24 March 1971. So far, the government has not revealed its views on this, as soon as an update comes, you will get information.

What documents are required for NRC?

To be or prove to be a citizen of India, a person must have some important documents. Such as Refugee Registration, Aadhaar Card, Certificate of Birth, LIC Policy, Citizenship Certificate, Passport, any one of the government issued license or certificate. All these documents have to be shown at the time of registration.

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The government has not given any information in the media about whether this bill will come or not. People themselves have spread their views about it through social media. Friends, if you see an error in any of the facts about CAA and NRC, then you can tell in the direct comment. And if you want information about it or about the bill, then you can resort to Wikipedia or any news website.

Hopefully you have got the complete information about the CAA and NRC full form and meaning.