This one question has become the most challenging question for today's youth. Whereas the COVID-19 plague has so far affected about 215 countries and regions, and about 3 million people are globally infected, as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO). In which the country of India is also facing a terrible epidemic like this COVID-19.

In situation where the world and India are trying to avoid and emerge from this epidemic, on the other hand, this epidemic dominates the young generation of this country, who have been trying day and night for government jobs for many years. It is also natural to have this question come in his heart.

As you all know, in the time of this epidemic where the most developed countries of the whole world are on the verge of coming down to the bottom of their economy, and in developed countries like America, Britain or Japan, government and non-governmental people are facing business recession are suffering. A developing country like India is not untouched by this recession . And this business recession is directly impacting India's GDP.

As a result, India is also forced to make cuts in its current budget. And this will directly affect the number of government recruitments in India and their salaries as well.

Will you really not get a government job?

As you have now known through media, newspaper that the projects of the Central and State Governments and their budgets are also going to decrease.

Whereas before this epidemic comes, the Central and State Governments are going to apply for government jobs in many fields and departments like Railways, Defense, Army, Medical, Bank Sector, Teachers, ASHA Workability, Public Sector Undertaking and others. Now, the process of all those recruitments is becoming doubtful even after the smooth time and completion of the same scheduled time.

If we talk about removing the defense, medical, emergency services, then the Government of India and the state governments are going to make huge cuts in the annual budget that will be spent for the remaining other services. Today, the government has to take many important and strong decisions to strengthen the economy again. Due to which, in these areas too, some kind of cuts are possible.

Where the government, non-government, businessman, farmers of the entire country have come so close to the business recession that the candidates preparing for government jobs may face some difficulties directly and indirectly and be deprived of many benefits. . Like date of incoming recruitments, the number of recruiters, as well as their salary.

Keep these things in mind -

While on one hand we are facing these seemingly insurmountable problems, on the other hand we have to pay attention to other problems as well.

Beware of fraud call and fraud call letter -

It has been seen many times that when society is fighting a problem like these, some people take advantage of it wrongly and lure the candidates to get them jobs in the wrong ways and through fraud calls and fraud call letters, Financially, mentally, physically.

According to the instructions of the Government of India, it is mandatory for every government department to disseminate the complete information about their recruitment to their respective websites and local and national newspapers. So keep yourself updated by visiting the relevant website from time to time and avoid any call, SMS or fraud call letter.

Negativity in confidence -

As we know, what are the challenges faced by any candidate in India to get a government job under normal conditions. Now that we need to keep our confidence ambitious, fearless, sane and positive in such odd situations like these, so that as soon as the joint entrance examination of the related fields starts smoothly, you get the opportunity to succeed in that examination.

Golden opportunity created by circumstances -

While today we are stuck in such a situation, we can still take it as a golden opportunity. During this lockdown, all of us who have got this extra time, we should utilize it and complete our upcoming preparations more thoroughly. In today's era, mock test series of almost every government exam is available online.

Due to this lockdown, many government and non-government institutions are also making mock test series available for free, which you can subscribe for your upcoming exams smoothly by subscribing on the basis of your requirement, qualification, syllabus. And at the same time, they also display your results, so that you can check your preparation level and read it systematically in the same way.

Top 5 Serviceable Indian Government Websites

Today we will talk about some "Serviceable Indian Government Websites" or Useful Indian Government Websites which can make some of our work easier. So far, only the Government of India Aadhaar card website is considered the most useful, because we use this website the most. But there are many more such lists of Indian government websites, which are useful for us and we should know about them.

By the way, all the central government or state government websites are all important. But it is not necessary for everyone to have information about all the websites. But we must keep information about those websites which can be useful for our personal & professional work. I have told about some such website here which according to me is "Serviceable Indian Government Websites".

List of Serviceable Indian Government Websites:

We all know about Aadhaar Card e-government website for this only, because in today's time no work can be done without Aadhaar card. But sometimes we are faced with such a situation that, we want to know more about Indian government services, but we do not know about it. Very few people have ever opened the websites I have mentioned about here.

It is a Digital India initiative, which has been launched by the Government of India under the name of Open Government Data (OGD) Platform. From this website, we can get all information about Indian ministry / departments from one place to national budget, renewable / non-renewable energy resources, event time tables, national statistics, agriculture, health performance etc.

This is the online passport portal. If we need information for New Passport or to track passport status, then it can be a very useful website for us. From this website, we will get all the information, for which we go to the passport office, together we spend 2000 to 4000 rupees.

With this, whenever we apply for New Passport, we have to travel a lot for the appointment from the Passport office. In such a situation, if we know about the Passport Service Website, then we can find out sitting at home, which date can be found Passport in our nearest office.

Many people will know about this website, because it is the National Portal of India and from here we get information about A-to-Z of all Indian Government Entities. for example..

  • Agriculture

  • Commerce

  • Defence

  • Environment & Forest

  • Governance & Administration

  • Housing

  • Industries

  • Information & Broadcasting

  • Law & Justice

  • Social Development

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Art & Culture

  • Education

  • Science & Technology

  • Labour & Employment

Further, information about all the departments is available from here. Understand that you will get complete information about all Government Departments and its services here.

Serviceable Indian Government Websites

This website is currently under construction, but there is still some useful information on this website. With the help of this website, we can get information about the result of all government entrance exams and academic exams at one place. Such as CBSC Exams, Karnataka Exams etc.

All of you must have filled the Social Welfare Scholarship Form and obtained the Scholarship from there. But is a website from where you can get information about all the scholarships run by the Indian government. With this, any student can check which scholarship he is eligible for and what are his guideline? It can also be obtained from this, how many types of scholarships program is run by the Government of India?

This is the sitemap of all serviceable Indian Government Websites. From here we get information about all Central and State Governments Websites and get its URL. From where we can access that website, and can make our work easier. for example..

  • President of India Website

  • All Central ministry Websites

  • PMO Websites

  • Supreme Court Website

  • High Court Websites

  • Lok Sabha Website

  • Rajya Sabha Website

How can we use Serviceable Indian Government Websites?

Being an Indian Citizen, all these websites are not only personally useful to us, but at the educational and professional level also these serviceable Indian Government Websites are useful. If we need any information about a State or Central Department, then we can access the website of that Particular Department from goidirectory website and get the information.

If we want information about any government plan or services happening in the country, such as educational, employment, law or any Indian government department, then we can get information about the National Portal of India.

Serviceable Indian Government Websites

If we do the preparation of any government sector job, then we can get all the information from this website. Which can be helpful for our Government job entrance and can help in getting the job.

Friends, I am not able to keep information about all Serviceable Indian Government Websites but I do keep information about what is necessary for me. This helps me a lot in doing my work properly and also saves me some money. You must also see all the important websites and you will definitely get help. If you also know about such a useful website, then do comment.