Net banking, also known as Internet banking or online banking. How to use it? And what is the difference between UPI vs Net Banking? You will get detailed information about it, but before that the most important question is what is Net Banking? And how can you create your online banking account on any bank? Learn about it.

When a person opens a bank account, he also takes advantage of many features of the account, such as linking with a mobile number bank account, opening UPI account so that he can keep his account secure and make online payment easily. One such feature is Internet Banking and every person who opens a bank account, he definitely wants to open an online banking account.

What is Net Banking? Online Banking

Net banking is a feature offered by the bank through which online account can be managed, fund transfer and online shopping can be done. Almost all private, government banks in India provide internet banking facility and any person has a bank account or wants to open an account.

They can take advantage of the Net Banking facility, it is linked with your saving account but through this you can do direct online fund transfer, shopping or any other work.

What is Net Banking

Due to internet banking, today any account holder can do all the work related to his bank from home through computer or mobile internet. There are many banks that only offer online banking accounts and they do not have a branch office anywhere. If you also want to take advantage of such banking, then for this you will have to open a bank account.

Advantages of Internet Banking

  1. If you have an account in a bank and you have to do some work related to the account, such as credit, debit, checkbook or any other work, you will have to go to the bank for this. But if you use the net banking online facility, there is no need to go to the bank to work in such a situation. You can do all this work through net banking from anywhere.

  2. If you go to the bank branch and deal with the money, then you have to keep the receipt for it, if the payment is not updated due to any reason and you have lost the receipt then you may have to go round the bank. But there is nothing like this in Internet Banking, as soon as you make money transactions, then all the details of the bank are updated on your account in real-time.

  3. Through mobile banking, you can make online shopping payment from mobile recharge, DTH recharge, electricity & water bill payment sitting at home.

  4. India has the highest number of festivals and due to these banks are often closed and due to this you cannot make the necessary payment on a holiday. But if you have an online banking account then you will not have any difference whether the bank is closed or open, you can make any payment at any time.

  5. All banks give some direct benefits to the net banking users, which are for the users who have online banking accounts. Because banks do not need additional employees to manage such users.

  6. All banks have their own mobile apps where Net Banking users can manage their account from mobile by login, and from those apps users can do everything that you do by going to the bank.

Which banks offer Internet Banking facility?

If you want to use Net Banking, then you must first know that your bank offers online banking solutions or not, otherwise almost all Indian banks offer this facility, any user can open net banking account. Here, I tell you the names of some top bank which provide such services.

  • State Bank of India

  • HDFC Bank

  • Axis Bank

  • ICICI Bank

  • Canara Bank

  • Union Bank

  • Punjab National Bank

  • Central Bank of India

  • Bank of Baroda

  • IDFC Bank

These are all top banks that offer net banking and if you use any bank account from it, then you can open an online banking account for yourself very easily. If you want to enjoy online transaction, then don't delay and you can apply for your new banking account immediately.

How to open Net Banking Account?

  • If you want to open online net banking account, then there are some procedures and rules for this, which you have to pay attention so that you can create secure account correctly, and make your banking work easier.

  • For the net banking account of any bank, you have to go to its official site, like if you talk about SBI, its website name is From here any SBI account holder can apply for online banking.

  • If you want, you can request offline through the Net Banking application form by visiting the bank branch.

  • If you apply online too, then you have to go to the bank, and if you want to open the account and take the facility of internet banking, then you can tick the online banking given in the form.

  • A week or two after submitting the form, a password and username is sent by the bank to your given address, with the help of which you can login on the internet banking portal.

  • You can login on the internet banking portal through the details sent by the bank and make all the necessary changes related to your account.

Internet Banking Vs UPI

Both are online payment medium and almost all the people must have created an account at BHIM UPI and maybe you have created your Internet banking account, both of which you can make digital payment online.

But there is a slight difference between the two and if viewed from the security point of view, UPI is considered more secure and you can send payment through a virtual address and receive payment. But there is a limit of payment in UPI, you can pay up to a limit only in a day.

While the convenience of large transaction is available in internet banking, you can also use it for business purpose and can do large transactions daily.

Friends, what is Net Banking? And why you can use it, you have been given information in this post and how can you open a net banking account? If you like this information, then you must share it and if you have any question, then you must write in the comment.