In this What is LLB Course - Full Form, Admission, Courses, Syllabus , Eligibility, Career -  Education is the key to success in our life which makes our future better, and also the foundation of good career. But in today's time, every student is very worried about his career because today the competition in all fields has increased a lot, due to which it has become difficult for the students to make their career in any field. Everyone wants to advance in their choice or any field.

What is LLB Course - Full Form, Admission, Courses, Syllabus , Eligibility, Career

Many students study LLB to become a lawyer but are unable to fulfill their dream due to lack of proper preparation and guidance. For such students who want to do LLB, we are sharing the complete information of what is LLB in this article, how to do LLB course so that they can get better guidance and they can improve their career. .

In today's time, there is such a shortage of employment in our country India that, even for educated people, it has become very difficult to get any government job, even primary job. Now only such students can be successful who can work very hard and are intelligent in studies. Therefore, if you want to make a career in LLB, a course related to advocacy, then you have to work hard with dedication.

With the right guidance and hard work, you can not only LLB but submit your feet in any filed. Likewise, if you want to become a lawyer, you have to study LLB diligently. The LLB course is a very good option for students who want to pursue a career in the field of law. You can become a lawyer by taking this course.

To help you in this article, we are trying to explain the LLB Course in detail so that you can succeed in it. Let us know what is LLB, how to do LLB Course? how to become lawyer?

What is LLB Course?

LLB is the first step of advocacy, in advocacy you learn all the claims of law and then use them in court to protect your client. LLB is a Bachelor's degree that is offered to candidates by many renowned colleges in India. However, candidates can pursue this law course only if they have a bachelor's degree. The LLB Course is offered in all law colleges in India in a systematic manner by the Bar Council of India (BCI).

If you want to know more about India Laws i.e. Law and make your career by serving the society then this is a good option. In LLB you are taught well about law and you can save an innocent according to law. If the police catch someone or he is sentenced to jail, you can save him by fighting on his side, which we also call as a lawyer. The lawyers of our country know everything about the law. If we need information about any law thing, then we should consult a lawyer.

LLB Full Form

  • Full form of LLB - Bachelor of Laws

By the way, LLB Course is of 2 types. Which is done according to different duration. One course is completed in 3 years and the other is completed in 5 years. If you want to know about this course in detail, then read this article completely and carefully.

How to do LLB course?

There are many students in India who want to make a career in the filed of advocacy. Advocacy is an area that deals with law. To study in it, one should understand law from the beginning. You also need to understand and be interested in some rules related to law right from the time of your school. Therefore it is important that from the very beginning, it is very important to study and be interested in your favorite field. If you have interest in this field then you can do this course.

But students must also have some qualifications to take LLB course. For example, students should have passed 12th to take LLAB course. You can do 12th class in any subject. Apart from this, to do LLB course and become a lawyer (CLAT) entrance exam, it is a kind of admission test. If you qualify the entrance exam then you will get admission in any LLB college.

The entrance exam of LLB, known as CLAT (Common Law Admission Test), is conducted for admission to the National Law University. You can enroll in any National Law University (NLU) only after clearing this exam. For admission in law college, you have to give a common test in which you are asked questions related to Logical reasoning, Legal Aptitude, Maths and General Awareness in English.

Not only this, you can also give LLB entrance exam only if you have passed 12th class with 50% marks. Also, the LLB course holder should not be more than 20 years of age. After this you will have to do an internship, in which you are taught about the court. Like, how lawyers fight cases. After internship, you have to enroll in the State Bar Council, after that you will have to pass the all India bar exam. After qualifying all this, you are take to practice. All this is taught to you in the LLB course.

Qualification for LLB

If you want to become a lawyer, then you must have some educational qualification to study LLB only then you can do LLB course (studying law). Let us know what are the qualifications to do LLB.

  • You should pass 12th standard with 50% marks. (LLB course is 5 years after 12th.)

  • If you do LLB course after graduation then this course is of 3 years. (Graduation should be 50% marks.)

Courses offered under law

Corporate Law: Under it, rules and laws are studied for the crimes that take place in the corporate sector. Corporate law deals with crime in the commercial sector and works related to finance projects, tax licenses and joint stock.

Criminal Law: Criminal law is the most popular course. Also, it is the most important law. All students have to study this law, because the study of law provides information about law and prevention of crime.

Patent Attorney: If a representative or a person has full authority over something, no other person can exercise that right without their consent.

Cyber Law: Cyber Crime has increased the most in today's time. This law teaches how to take legal action on issues related to Cyber Crime. For example, how to deal with Cyber Crime and what is the provision of punishment for them.

Family Law: This rule is suitable for women, under this law, divorce, adoption, marriage, personal law and all kinds of family matters are covered. Family Courts have been established in all the districts of every state to settle family cases.

Tax Law: Under this, the problem related to all types of taxes, such as sales tax, service tax, etc. are solved.

Banking Law: In this, the work related to loan, loan recovery, banking specialist etc. is solved. In this subject of LLB course, the study of banking and related rules and law is conducted.

How to prepare for LLB?

Here we are telling you some tips to qualify LLB exam, which you can prepare well for LLB exam by following it.

Exam Pattern

First of all, get to know about LLB syllabus and exam pattern. If you have knowledge about LLB syllabus then you will know what you have to study. Also, if you understand the exam pattern of LLB exam, then you get an understanding of which type and which questions come in LLB exam. To understand the LLB exam pattern, you can take the help of LLB previous year question paper.


To become a career in the field of advocacy, pay more attention to English language because to perform well in this field you must be good English. The image of a lawyer is made only by his ability to talk among people. The English language is common for a lawyer. Practice how you can explain your talk better to people.

Join Coaching

You can join a good coaching institute to increase your understanding.

Time Management

Time is the biggest key to success. Use your time effectively or productively. Especially, while doing some work, take care of time. You are given a certain time for LLB exam as well, you have to solve the question paper accordingly.

Study Plan

By planning, you are able to study in a better way, you can also plan for LLB studies and follow that study plan daily. Also, pay more attention to the subject in which you are weak. In this way, you can prepare well for LLB exam.

Mock Test

If you want, you can also take your mock test for LLB exam. This lets you know how fast you can solve the questions. This will also prepare you and in a way the LLB exam.

If you prepare for LLB exam keeping in mind the LLB exam tips mentioned here, then you can pass with good marks in LLB exam.

What to do after LLB?

After taking LLB course you have a lot of job opportunities. If you want to practice law in India, then you have to pass the All India bar exam conducted by BCCI. After passing this exam, you are given Certificate of Practice. This certificate is required to practice law in India.

After obtaining LLB degree you have many options, which are as follows.


As a lawyer you are required to advise your client and become their leader in any profile, in civil or criminal matters. Lawyers present cases in a court of law and participate in all proceedings and hearings.

Legal Advisor

Legal advisors are experts in the field of law. Legal advisors are usually appointed by big companies other than the government. Today every company or institution carries a legal advisor with them. The main job of a legal advisor is to protect their clients from a problem.


Such research requires multiple research works to gather physical evidence as well as factual data to support its claim. In addition, the second responsibility for the lawyer also includes investigation and drafting.


As a solicitor, a person usually specializes in a particular area of law such as tax, litigation, betting, family or property. Solicitors provide commercially legal advice.

Teacher and Lecturer

You also have the opportunity to become a teacher and lecturer after obtaining an LLB course degree, you can teach law in a college or university.

Benefits of LLB

There are many benefits of LLB course, knowing about which you will get more excited to study law.

  • After taking LLB course, you get knowledge about the field of advocacy.

  • After doing LLB you are called Graduate.

  • Also, you also get respect in the society.

  • By doing LLB course you get deep knowledge of law.

Government lawyer's salary

Actually, the job of a government lawyer can be decided according to an agreement. Because a lawyer's job is completely different from a government job. The salary of a lawyer depends on each of their cases. Therefore, we cannot know 100% about his salary. However, the annual salary of a government lawyer can range from 4 to 5 lakhs.

As a lawyer, you can easily earn from 20 to 30 thousand. In general, the salary of a government lawyer can range from 15 to 30 thousand. In addition, the lawyer's salary increases according to experience.


In this article we told you about what is LLB and how to do LLB course. Also, we have also told you, what should be the qualification for LLB, how to prepare LLB, what to do after LLB, what are its benefits and how much is the salary of a government lawyer?

We hope that after reading this post till the end, you will have got information in detail about doing LLB course and becoming a lawyer.

Apart from this, if you still want any more information about LLB or you have any question related to it, then you can ask us via comment.

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