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There was a time when people used to go to the police station to register an FIR against someone, it takes a lot of time but today all the work has started going online even you can file an FIR online. Online FIR. The facility to register has been provided by the government. Do you not know how to file FIRs online. If not, then this post is for you because in this post we are going to tell you how to file online fir.

How to File Online FIR

Today our India has gone completely digital with all the work being done online. Previously it was considered very difficult to get FIR registered in our country because people had to go to a designated police station for writing fir, there they had to wait for a long time. Apart from this, the police had to answer the questions. Many such problems had to be faced, so many people just ignored small matters. In view of this problem of the people, the government online FIR Provided registration facility.

However, you cannot file an online FIR against a particular person, you can file online FIR Only for serious offenses like theft, assault, rape, murder, kidnapping and dowry can you do it. With the help of FIR copy online, you can also print your report and use it. Apart from this, you can write online fir for stolen or lost things like, mobile, sim card, driving license, Aadhaar card and bank passbook etc.

We will try to tell you in detail through this article about how to file an FIR. After reading till the end, you will get to know about the entire process of filing an FIR online. But before that you should know what is an online FIR?

What is Online FIR?

When someone commits a crime such as theft, beating or any other crime, then the person has to first go to his local police station or register online, which is called FIR. Only then, according to the police complaint, further action is taken. The FIR can be registered either by writing or by speaking.

Online FIR is called e-FIR which can be done only for cognizable offenses like theft, dowry, murder, rape, kidnapping etc. In all these crimes, the police can arrest without a court order. But such complaints can be turned into FIRs only if permission is obtained from the magistrate. In some states, FIRs can also be filed directly for such complaints.

FIR Full Form

  • Full form of FIR - First Information Report

An FIR is the information given to the police in relation to any criminal incident, or it is the information given by a person suffering from a crime to the police in the police station. Based on this, the police can start their proceedings and investigation.

How to file online FIR?

To register an online FIR, it is necessary to first know, what can the Online FIR be related to? As we have told you above, online FIR can be done only about unknown person, which can be any of them. Before filing an FIR online, you must know which case you can report online.

Let me tell you that online you can report only against an unknown person. Information about what kind of case it will be has been given further. Registering FIR for lost or stolen goods like mobile, sim card, laptop, car, bike, pan card, ATM card etc.

  • Citizens can give information about lost items such as mobile phones, SIM cards, documents, etc. through online FIR.

  • Reporting events and suspicious activities without revealing your identity etc.

  • Giving information about unknown and missing person.

  • Information of stolen or authorized vehicles with the help of engine number, registration number or Chains number.

How to write FIR online?

You can write an FIR online by visiting your state's police website. You can use the official site of the police of your designated state, eg if you are living in Rajasthan then you can write online FIR by visiting Rajasthan Police website police.rajasthan.gov.in.

Here we have told you about the official website of the police of many states, you can use the website of the state from which you are from, to register the FIR online.

  • Online FIR Rajasthan - police.rajasthan.gov.in

  • FIR Online Haryana - haryanapoliceonline.gov.in

  • Online FIR Bihar - biharpolice.in

  • Online FIR MP - citizen.mppolice.gov.in

  • Online FIR In UP - uppolice.gov.in

  • FIR Online Delhi - delhipolice.nic.in

To register online fir, you must have an email ID or mobile number. Because first you have to create your account in these websites, for which mobile number or email id will be required. Let's know how to write online fir. For writing an online FIR, you can take help of the instructions shown below.

Step 1. First of all, in the state where you want to register an FIR online, go to the website of the police of that state and create your account with your email ID.

Step 2. After that go to the FIR complaint option.

Step 3. After this you will see the online FIR register form. In which you must enter FIR.

  • Name of complainant,

  • Parents name,

  • Complainant address

  • Complainant's Mobile Number

  • Complainant Email ID

  • Location of loss in the state

  • Date of loss

  • Time of loss

  • Select lost articles

  • add description

  • fill any other details

  • enter the code shown above

  • click on submit

Step 4. After filling everything in the online fir form, check once, whether everything is filled correctly or not. Then click on submit button.

Step 5. After clicking on submit button, you will get a verification code on your mobile number, after verifying the code your fir will be entered online.

In this way, you can easily file an FIR online without having to turn around a police station.

At last,

In this article, we told you about how to file online FIR, or how to write online FIR. We hope that now you know how to file an FIR online.

Apart from this, if you still need any more information about online fir or you have any related question, then you can ask us through comments.

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