How to design Website Template WordPress & Blogger?, How to create a WordPress theme? Or how to create a blogger template? Every blogger wants to know the answer to these questions. Because we all know that no premium theme, responsive theme and light weight theme are cheap. So today I will tell you about how to design website or blog theme? And what is the best tool for designing websites on WordPress & Blogger?

If you have a blog or website and you want to design its custom template or want to do theme design then you should read this article thoroughly. By the way, thousands of such software will be available on the Internet, through which you can do Website Designing and Web Development.

But it is not easy, for these you should have knowledge about Programming Language like HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP, ASP.Net, JSP etc. Which is not easy for everyone. Today, I am going to tell you about making website Template Designing Software or Website, for that you will not need any kind of Coding. All you have to do select the template and edit it, then export it.

Artisteer- Automated Web Designer:

This is the easiest Web Designing Software for Blogger, WordPress, Joomla or any kind of blog. Because I have also used Adobe Dreamweaver Web Development Software.

How to design Website Template

This is a bit difficult compared to Artisteer, if you are a beginner and want to learn Web Designing then Artisteer is the best for you. Because..

  • There is no need to learn anything like Photoshop, CSS, HTML, Flash, Coreldraw to design any blog template like Blogger, WordPress from Artisteer.

  • If you want to create a CMS Theme for WordPress, Joomla, then you can create it very easily through Artisteer themler, that too without coding.

  • Through this, you can create an e-commerce theme.

Download Artisteer:

It is a paid software. If you want to learn it, you can download the Trial Version. But if you want to use like Expert or you are a Freelancer, then you use its paid version only.

How to Design Website Templates (How to Create Website Theme)?

I tell you about some basic functions of Website Template Designing from Artisteer, so that you can get some help. If you want complete information from the basic level, then you search "Artisteer Tutorial" on YouTube, you will find many videos.

How to create a website with Artisteer?

Designing templates from Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla by Artisteer is very easy. Just like you have to select Design like Simple Microsoft Word, PowerPoint. Artisteer Templates designing process takes place in 3 steps.

  • Open & Select Template

  • Design or Customize Template

  • Export to Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal Platform

Open & Select Template:

If you have downloaded the Trial Version Software, then you open it and click on "Try Home Edition" or "Try Standard Edition".

Then select one of the templates,

Design or Customize Template:

After selecting the template, the Artisteer Dashboard will open. Here you will find all the tools used for Template Designing. for example..

  • Header Tool

  • Background tool

  • Layout tool (Left Slidbar, Right Slidbar)

  • Menu

  • Color & FontsMergin

  • Effects

  • Flash

You can design Template (Design Website Template) by using all these tools. This is just a Demo, apart from this there are many more tools.

Export for Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal Platform

When you have done Template Complete Design (Design Website Templates), after that you can export it for any Blogging Platform.

For Example: If you have a blog on, then an .xml file is required for this. When you select Blogger while exporting, your Template will be saved in .xml. After that you can upload it on your blog and check it.

Friends, through this post, we learned how to design website templates? If you want to create a template for your WordPress or Blogger Blog by yourself without coding, then this software is best for you.

Note:-  Artisteer Software Specially is used to design "Design Purpose" and Blogger templates (Design Website Templates). I will tell you again about making CMS Theme. If you liked this post, then you must do it LIKE. If you have any question or suggestion related to Web Designing, then comment us.

In this way you can easily design the premium theme of your WordPress blog, and if you want, you can also create a blog portfolio template for Blogger. And if you have any question, you can discuss about it with us in the comment.