Whenever the election comes, you will get to hear one word very much. Election exit poll and this word is used by media channels. But Do you know what is an exit poll? And how can you calculate the result of any election? We will get detailed information about it today.

What is exit poll? This question is one of the most asked questions in 202021 and almost every year elections are held in some state in India. And like the media, the common man also wants to know how the information about the election result can be obtained through the exit poll calculator before the election final result arrives.

The BJP was predicted the winner before the AAP result through exit poll in the 2014 election and this is exactly what happened later. In the 2014 elections, the BJP won by an absolute majority in India and Mr. Narendra Modi became PM. In the recent past, many results have been speculated through exit poll in the state level election.

What is Exit Poll ?

Election exit poll is done through a poll immediately after casting the votes of the voters. The media and other survey teams take a poll at the polling station of voters, and on the same basis it is decided who will be the election winner? And prediction result is extracted before this result arrives.

What is Exit Poll in Election

It is not a final result, it is just a guess after the election vote, who will win and who will lose in this election? It is not necessary that exit poll will be 100% correct. Exit poll has been proved to be wrong many times. But this is the time of social media, and voters do some activity about their favorite political party, through their opinion or other.

Another similar election result is predication model. Opinion poll, which is similar to Exit poll, but there is a lot of difference between the two, that's why I give a little information about both here.

Exit Poll Vs Opinion Poll:

  • Opinion Polls is always decided before the election, and experts give their opinion as to who is going to win this time. While Exit poll is always calculated after voting.

  • Opinion polls are decided on the basis of public survey and their views. While Exit polls are calculated after voting.

  • It is very difficult to guess the correct result from the opinion polls, and it is very less accurate, and it is possible to estimate the correct result in exit polls.

There is only a slight difference between these two, and during the election, the media use them as a weapon, and increase their TV channel TRP. The media keeps telling you about these until the election final result is reached.

Who conducts the Exit Polls?

We have also known that election exit poll is not a final result, it is just an estimate. But who finds out one more important thing about it? Because in order to predict the result about any election, a lot of relevant information is required, and a lot of research will have to be done for this.

There are many organizations in India that conduct Exit polls, and get complete information about it. After India, there are some organizations that gather information about it.

This is the Best Political Research Organization in India,

  • Today’s Chanakya

  • ABP-Cvoter

  • News18

  • India Today-Axis

  • Times Now-CNX

  • NewsX-Neta, Republic-Jan Ki Baat

  • Republic-CVoter

This is the most popular political research organization, which collects information about exit polls and submits them to its native media.

How are the Exit Polls calculated?

Whatever the Election, the media definitely spreads the news about its exit polls. In such a situation, they also have to get accurate information and for this they do many survey calculations, and if they want to know how to calculate exit polls? So you will get information from here.

There is no fix formula for this, it is also calculated on the basis of predication. Political research teams, polling station or after the vote is done, they get information from the voters that who has voted for themselves? And it is calculated on this basis. Yes, you must be thinking that all the voters will not tell to whom they have voted.

That is why 100% sure is not the result of exit polls, and the result team gives a report based on predication to the media, and the media gives information on the same basis.

This is the only way in which it is calculated, if you get more information or research about it, then you will get the detail information.

Friends, hope you have got the information that what is Election exit poll? And how is it calculated? Today the media provides information about the final result of almost all election results to you through exit polls. This is only an estimate, and if you also want to make such an estimate, you can do research about it and share your thoughts in the comments.

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