Friends, here I am going to tell you, how to change mobile number in bank account?

Do you want to change the register mobile number on SBI or any bank account like it? That too, without going round the bank, you are at the right place, here we will tell you how you can update the new number by changing the registered mobile number in the bank account? But you should keep in mind one thing that this technique works only if your number is already registered.

How to change Mobile Number in Bank Account Online

If you have a Bank Account, then there must be a Working Registered Mobile Number with it. In such a situation, the registered mobile number from the bank account of many people is closed, and they do not update the new phone number due to the laziness of going to the bank.

In such a situation, if your Register Phone number on your Bank Account is closed and you want to change it, then you are at the right place. Here I will tell you that without going to the bank, how to change the register mobile number of the bank account?

If I tell you my experience, I also had a mobile number registered with the bank. And I did not have to use that number, then I realized that this number is registered in the bank.Then I thought, how can I change the mobile number without going to the bank? So I researched "How to change mobile number in bank account ?" So let's know how to change mobile number in bank account.

Ways to Change Register Phone Number of Bank Account

Until a few years ago, to update or change the mobile number of the bank account, you would have to go to the Bank Branch Office, and after giving an application, your mobile number was changed. But today is the time of Cashless Transaction.

Earlier the work was done after going to the bank. Now it goes through Net Banking and ATM Machine.

How to Change Mobile Number in Bank Account?

There are 3 ways to change the phone number of any bank.

  1. Internet(Net Banking + Mobile App)

  2. ATM Machine

  3. Bank Office

There is no need to tell about how to change the phone number by visiting the Bank Branch Office. Here I will tell about changing the Register Mobile Number from Internet and ATM to Bank Account. Because it is the easiest of both ways.

At present, everything is digital and up to 70% of the people in the city pay through online mobile wallet. In such a situation, to connect to a mobile wallet or UPI app, the mobile number must be connected with the bank.

Only then you will be able to use these features. With this, KYC verification is very important, which you can do with the Aadhaar card.

How to change mobile number In Bank Account through Internet Banking (SBI)?

If Internet Banking Service is enabled on your account, then you can change your number sitting at home by following these steps.

Step 1. First you go to the website and log in with your User Name & Password.

Step 2. After logging in, click on Profile Option.

Step 3. As soon as you click on the profile, you will get information related to the account. You click on the Personal Details option from these.

Step 4. Now enter your Profile Password.

Step 5. Now here you will get 2 options to change the mobile number.

  1. Change Mobile through branch

  2. Change Mobile Number Domestic only (OTP/ATM/Contact Center)

You click on option 2.

Step 6. Now you enter your new mobile number here and click on Submit.

Step 7. As soon as you click on Submit, here you will get 3 options to update the new mobile number.

  • OTP


  • Contact Center

You select the option with ATM from it and click on Proceed.

Step 8. Now here, Account Number & Account Type will show you. From here you click on Proceed.

Step 9. As soon as you click on Proceed, your ATM Card Number and Name will show. You click on Proceed again.

Step 10. Now here you will have to pay 1 rupee charge, for this you enter your card detail and complete the transaction.

Step 11. Now your request will be submitted, click on Guideline and complete the process.

How to change mobile number from ATM machine (SBI)?

If you do not have a Net Banking Service, you can also change the Register Phone Number on the Bank Account with the help of an ATM machine. But for this you have to pay attention that the mobile number can be changed from the ATM machine of the bank of which you have an ATM.

Step 1. After going to the ATM machine, swipe the ATM card and click on Registration Option.

Step 2. Now enter the PIN number of your ATM.

Step 3. Click on the Mobile Number Registration option.

Step 4. Now click on Change Mobile Number Option.

Step 5. Here enter your old phone number and click on Correct option.

Step 6. Now enter your new mobile number and click on Correct option.

Step 7. In no time, the process will be completed and a reference number will be sent to your phone number. You have to send that reference number to 567676 in the format mentioned there.

With these two methods, you can easily change your mobile number registered on the bank and the same method is also for all banks. Here if you are an account holder of a bank other than SBI, also you can change your phone number with the help of Internet banking and ATM machine.

Friends, here it was told that how to change the Register Mobile Number on the Bank Account? If you want to change the Register Phone Number on your Bank Account by yourself, then you have the best option of Net Banking or ATM Machine.

Through which you can update the number of any Bank Account (SBI, ICICI, AXIS, HDFC, PNB) anytime from home. Hope this tips have been helpful for all of you.